Hey Bash is a PR Friendly blog! 

We are always looking to collaborate with businesses, brands and blogger alike, no matter how big or small. If you are interested in promoting your business, advertising your products or connecting to a wider audience, then contact us


All content is written, photographed and coordinated by Bash Harry, excluding guest posts. Hey Bash does not accept written posts from companies that only promises Social Media Coverage. Sponsorship from brands must be mutually beneficial. Please keep this in mind when contacting us and we will be happy to provide you with a media kit.

BRANDS & BUSINESSES interested in a sponsored post must email us first before purchasing 'That Perfect Post' package This is to consider sponsored posts, gifted items and/or giveaways provided they fit with the general theme of this blog. This is also to confirm information between brand and blog, so the process will run as smoothly as possible. All sponsored posts will have an asterisk (*) to uphold transparency of Hey Bash.

Alternatively, you can purchase the 'Big, Beautiful Banner' or 'Baby Button' package instead.

BLOGGERS, or any individual, wishing to further promote themselves can purchase any of the packages. If interested in a prominent feature, we can have a further discussion to maximise your exposure. This can be in the form of a sponsored post, interviewing you, or as a guest post.

For more information then please email us at with the subject, 'Advertise with Hey Bash.'

S W E E T    S T A T S  :
(as of 20th May 2016)

Average Page Views/Month : 10,043
  • December 2016 : 8,530
  • January 2016 : 14,425 
  • February 2016 : 9,480
  • March 2016 : 7,430
  • April 2016 : 10,350
Overall Social Media Followers :  8,098
  • Bloglovin : 653
  • Instagram : 6065
  • Twitter : 535
  • Google+ : 291
  • Youtube : 505

P A C K A G E S     P R O V I D E D


No blog action, just promotion!

You will receive:
  •  1 Instagram photo posted on @bashhharry with links to your brand/blog
  •  3 Shout-Outs on Twitter

        600 word article

For businesses wishing to promote their products or bloggers endorsing themselves. It includes an in-post feature and social shares.

You will receive:
  •  A detailed 600 word post about your business/blog. This post will be shared on Bloglovin, Twitter and Google+.
  • 3 Shout-Outs on Twitter, promoting your brand/blog
  • Customized photos that you have the right to use (if products provided)
  • 1 Instagram photo with links to your website/account (if applicable)

        150 x 150

For advertisers who want to gain exposure on a budget. The most affordable way to promote your brand/blog!

You will receive:
  • A 150px x 150px banner will be shown under the ‘Sponsors’ header. Shuffled and rotated accordingly to maximise visibility.
  • A mention and 140 character description about your blog/brand on the 'Meet the Sponsors' post at the end of the month. This post will be shared on Bloglovin, Twitter and Google+
  • 1 Shout Out on Twitter, promoting your brand/blog

        300 x 250

Featured advertisers will have prominent space as the main sponsors of Hey Bash.

You will receive:
  • Your 300px x 250px banner will be shown in the right-hand sidebar under the ‘Friends’ header. Rotated to maximise visibility
  • Detailed 100 word piece about your brand/blog on the 'Meet The Sponsors' post of the month. This post will be shared on Bloglovin, Twitter and Google+
  •  3 Shout-Outs on Twitter, promoting your brand/blog

Please email us at 
for requested rates, and specific statistics of Hey Bash.

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