A B O U T    B A S H   H A R R Y

Bash Harry is not my real name, but it is the name I chose.

21 years old and studying Law LLB in the University of Exeter. When not having a melodramatic crisis or strong bout of depression, I freelance as a part-time makeup & special effects artist, full-time feminist and the occasional model.

I started learning how to apply makeup after the infamous Puberty Hit of 2011, when a tidal wave of self-consciousness, low self-esteem and female hormones attacked. Suffice to say, that period is over now. Only mild waves appear nowadays, washing away as quickly as they come.

A B O U T   H E Y   B A S H

HEY BASH originally began as 'Bash Says Hey,' a beauty blog to highlight my makeup portfolio. It has changed since then. Once, the unfortunate place where I jumbled my thoughts together, hoping maybe someone would say 'hey' back.

Now, HEY BASH is a personal lifestyle blog that focuses on beauty, fashion and the little wonders of life. It is the place where introspective young adults can find makeup tutorials, outfits inspirations and anecdotes of life. Still hoping someone would say 'hey' though.

B L O G   P O S T S   T O   R E A D

  • UNFAIR & LOVELY   |   A discussion on colourism and white-washing in South East Asia.
  • IN THE NUDE   |   An OOTD piece about being personal online.
  • SO THIS ISN'T LOVE   |   An anecdotal piece about what isn't love.  

F E A T U R E S   &   A R T I C L E S

  • PROJEK BRUNEI   |   'Get to Know Bash Harry,' an interview with Delwin Keasberry
  • XOIA BRUNEI   |   'Brunei Fashion Scene with Bash Harry,' an interview with Atiqah Ismail
  • ZAHARA COSMETICS  |  'Zahara Warrior: Bash Harry,' a feature with Zahara Cosmetics.
  • CLOVER LETTER   |   Featured on Clover's daily newsletter as their 'Clover Girl'
  • THE COVETS   |   'Bash Harry | Blogger & Youtuber,' an interview on The Talks.
  • KACHEE TEE   |   'Bash Harry (Brunei),' an interview for Fashion Around The World 
  • THE TAB |  Future 100, placed 8th on the Top 100 Women to Watch in Uni