Pros & Cons of Bullet Journaling

Friday, 13 March 2020

I've been Bullet Journaling for about two months now.

And it's fantastic. 

My bullet journal is filled with pages upon pages of my 2020 so far. From my time in Sri Lanka to work as a host, it's a nice way to log life as it goes on. And as someone who loves talking about things she's obsessed with, I've compiled some reasons why you should (and should not) start a bullet journal.

Here are my Pros & Cons of Bullet Journaling.  


1. Organized & Structured

I like that it's organized cause it helps me feel like I'm organized. The pages are where they are supposed to be, titled and notated for future reference. To go even further, I color-coded everything so my eyes are trained.

Methodological? Maybe.

Helpful? Very.

2. Customizable & Open for Creativity

As someone who isn't as creative as she wants to be, I consider my bullet journal controlled creativity. I get to draw, color in and add doodles wherever I please. Not only that, how the journal will look like is completely up to me. Something I personally dislike about regular planners is how rigid there are. 

3. One Place For Everything

It's my place for (almost) everything. This bullet journal is for my notes, plans, ideas, and acts as an occasional moody diary. It keeps everything where it is. I don't have to look through multiple notebooks anymore. Thank God.

4. Consistent Writing

It's helped me write daily. When I'm out, I carry it in my bag for the times I'm waiting or a bit bored. I write what's on my mind, or ideas I've been itching to explain. Sometimes it's poetry or potential scripts. Other times, it's just stuff I saw and really want.

5. It Is For Me & Only Me

And just how it should be.


1. Time-Consuming

I spent two hours setting up the first few pages of the journal because I wanted to get it just right. Even though there are no such things. Other than that, I still spend at least 15 minutes a day (sometimes more) updating it for the next few days, or just doodling for fun. Not everyone has time for that.

2. Expensive & Hard to Get

In theory, it's cheap. All you need is a pen and a blank book. But...

If you're like me, you like going all out. Once I decided to try bullet journaling, I shipped a Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Notebook from Amazon UK to my sister then asked her to buy double-ended highlighters to match my paints. This is too much of a hassle for journaling. But that's on me.

3. Not for a Perfectionist (Me Included)

It's going to be messy and you have to accept that. There are ink stains, bad drawings, and notes scattered everywhere. None of my Monthly pages look similar at all. A part of me is screaming inside cause I want to look perfect. The other part knows it will never be.

4. Comparisons to Others

If you've seen #BuJo on Instagram then you will immediately think your journal is crap. I certainly did. I don't have decent handwriting or any artistry skills. Other than tapping on a keyboard, my hands are useless. So seeing all the amazing journals lets you down sometimes.

But honestly, it mostly inspires me.

Would you ever try Bullet Journaling?

with love,
Bash Harry

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