The L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S Generation

Friday, 14 February 2020

"Bet you wanna rip my heart out,
Bet you wanna skip my calls now,
Well guess what? I like that."

Lorde defined us as 'the loveless generation'.

Whether sarcastic or otherwise, its concept rings true to me. A generation without love as a necessity or opportunity. We have made unloving mainstream. Breaking hearts and having hearts broken is an infinite cycle we play every few weeks. 

The decision to stay unloved and sad. After all, if we're not dancing the sadness away, we're wallowing in it. 

Or is that just me?

I wouldn't call myself loveless. 

Never. I've got plenty to spare. Wrapped in bows to give away like gifts to strangers. Truly, I think I yearn for it. Just as many now do and always have. The desire to feel loved and be in love isn't new. All the great stories were built upon it.

Romeo & Juliet. 
Orpheus & Eurydice. 
Paris & Helen. 

They all ended in tragedy. So few good stories end happily. Yet we still crave it. The feeling of love, forgetting that it will end as does all things.

And that's okay.

To be young and in love is beautiful, even if it is temporary. Even when you know it is temporary. Even when you know heartbreak is inevitable. It becomes valuable.

Your time together is perishable. 

So you hold them closer, stay in their arms a little while longer. Remember their smell, the faint musk of black coffee and freshly washed sheets. You stare at their smiles, thin lips pressed and light stubble hiding their jawline. Your fingers brushing their brows then your eyes lock theirs. Caught in an embrace of hazel and brown.

They tell you, "I'm here, I'll always be here." In a fleeting moment of bliss, you believe them. You kiss their forehead and whisper, "I'm yours, as much as you are mine."

And you almost believe it. 

You wonder when will it end, and hope it isn't soon. Because now, right now, they are beautiful and they are here. They love you but they will leave you.

After all, they are only temporary.

Terima Kasih means 'Thank You' in Malay. And now you should know why this is my new favorite shirt. 

I had written this back in 2017 when I was blasting Lorde's Melodrama playlist in the library instead of actually studying for my degree. I always thought to delete it but three years later, it's published on Valentine's Day. It feels better in hindsight. 

What are your thoughts on
The L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S Generation?

with love,
Bash Harry