My 5 Goals for the 2020s

Friday, 10 January 2020

Five years ago, I wrote about my 2015 Resolutions.

I've been blogging sporadically for the past 5 five years. Inconsistent posts that I read through like a public diary. Sometimes cringing, usually just wondering how I ended up here. I've been blogging since my last year of A-Levels, and I'm still on an old laptop writing my life away.

Not much has changed yet so much has.

My 2015 Resolutions are different but they came true. Eventually within the next five years. Keeping that in mind, I'd like to do a Goals list for the next decade instead of the usual resolutions list. After all, the 2020s is the perfect start for this kind of post.

Here are my 5 goals for the decade.


I'm 22 now and just developed the travel bug. Why did I wait till my final year of Uni to start solo traveling? 

As of writing this, I have been to 15 different countries - 6 of them from last year alone. Thinking about it both excites and scares me. I've always wanted to travel more and maybe in 8 short years, I will visit 15 new countries. Here's hoping for an EU Rail trip and an Asian adventure. 


This will be kept open and broad - cause it's already happened. 

The Bungsu Story premiered in 2018, and under the poster said 'Screenplay by Bash Harry.' It showed in local cinemas, and in 2019, was nominated for Best Asian Drama at the First Asian Content Awards. That's pretty freaking cool. 

I'd like to do that all over again. Write a new screenplay to be produced in the next decade, maybe even premiere globally. Right now, it's wishful thinking but that's where everything starts. 


There are murmurs of exciting things going on - that I can't quite talk about yet. This relates to it, kind of. I'd like to write a straight forward young adult fiction to be put on paper. A super cheesy love story of a girl meets boy to somehow finds herself along the way. That, or a story about Death. 

I haven't decided yet. 


I've done this already. Three short years in Great Britain, a town called Exeter where it's too quiet for me. In the next decade, I don't want to live somewhere too quiet. Not for the foreseeable future at least. I'd like to live in, or somewhere close to, a city. Whether Singapore or London for a few years or more, just to experience city life for a change. 


Happiness is such a fickle thing - so asking for a feeling to be constant is an immediate failure.

That being said, I'd rather have the long term mindset of being okay, accepting that life is a constant rollercoaster but to prepare my feelings for it. Rather than succumb to the depressive episodes I get, I'd rather accept and move on. Grieve and carry forward. Happiness isn't supposed to be constant, but it is good to feel okay most days. 

What are your goals for the 2020s?

with love,
Bash Harry

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