Why You Should Go To The Selfie Factory

Thursday, 15 November 2018

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the Selfie Factory Pop-Up at Shoreditch last weekend. Armed with my trusty Canon 600D, EOSM10 and iPhone, I dragged my friend to come along as my last minute photographer.

We braved the cold London streets till we found the place, brightly lit in contrast to the faint street lights. As we entered, we were welcomed to a world of excitement all for that perfect selfie. 

The Selfie Factory was the best place to indulge in my narcissism.

Different areas of the places were installations to create fun selfies you'll never find anywhere else. They encouraged us to play with the props from the donut wall to a giant teddy bear. Each 'room' was fit with a certain vibe, perfect for the aesthetic.

I spent way longer than I should in each room, at least 10 minutes, going back and forth to perfect the perfect pose. Playing around with camera settings and angles, and I wasn't alone. Plenty of people around me did the same. I was not the exception, I was the norm.

That being said, there are a few things I would have done differently, given the chance. So I have some tips when you do go!


  • | Visit during the day. You'll get much better natural lighting than dim ceiling lights. 

  • | Bring spare clothes - wear something you can easily change out of, and slip into another. This way, you can vary your shots and looks in a session!

  • | Equipment doesn't matter. Sometimes, all you need is your phone and a friend you trust (with a lot of patience)

  • Play around with shots. Go online and find some cool poses for the installations. 

The Selfie Factory is opened now until November 20th!

Personally, my friend and I agreed it's a fantastic first date activity, Cute, romantic and plenty of selfies for days. You can find more information on their Facebook or Instagram

Have you ever been to The Selfie Factory?

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