My Favourite Blog Posts of 2017

Thursday, 11 January 2018

It's that time of the year again!

Reflecting on the past and excited for the future. As such, I looked back at my old blog posts. I didn't post as often as I wanted to, but I can't blame myself. I enjoyed 2017 a bit too much. Still, I found a few hidden gems.

Here are my favourite blog posts of 2017.

My London Fashion Week A/W17  Experience

Never in a million years did I think I could go to London Fashion Week, and yet I did. 

When I received the invitations, I got heart palpations. I packed a full suitcase worth of clothes and shoes. It was so exciting to watch all these shows, nervous as I was a spectator in this huge event. Watching it unfold in front of my eyes, nerve-wrecking and a true dream come true. 

I Feel Pretty - Unpretty

I wrote this blog post on an emotional day. I felt so unpretty and so unhappy with myself.

Angry with myself, my body, and my mind, I sat down on my unmade bed and spilled these thoughts. A few days later, I rescheduled a shoot, and took these photos instead. No makeup, veins popping and eyes dark as usual. It's one of my most honest posts ever, and maybe that's why I loved it. 

Head in His Clouds

As I mentioned in My Year in Review, I wrote this prose in May, spent June perfecting it and publishing in July.

This post took the longest to publish. At the time, it meant so much. I wrote it on a whim, at three in the morning. Inspired by a boy I know or knew, depending on when you ask me. Now, while my feelings have changed, this post resonates with me as a reminder. Emotions stay with you, sometimes for the best. 

#Me Too: 
My Three Stories of Sexual Harassment

In light of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, many strong men and women have come out with their sexual harassment stories. As support, I wrote about some of my experiences. 

I should note; these are not all of my experiences. If I have to write down every single time I was harassed, by someone I knew or stranger on the street, it would be endless. People are still surprised when I mention these experiences aren't the worst, just the ones I was comfortable to discuss. 

People have called me whitewashed, westernised, white girl. Whether as a joke or insult, it does affect me regardless. As someone raised Bruneian and identifies as Malay, I wondered if I was lesser than others because my (lack of) language skills. 

So I made a video about it. 

While these posts might be my favourite, each blog post this year took effort, time and dedication. These are just few among many.

Now, I can look forward to the blog posts I will write this 2018. Goodness knows how those will be.

what was your favourite blog post of 2017?

with love,
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