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Three Makeup Looks feat. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette | XONADIAH

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Three Makeup Looks feat. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette | XONADIAH

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It's not Bash writing today.

Instead, a newcomer to the blogging world, a fitness junkie, makeup fanatic and med student studying in Cardiff, Nadiah Hamid.

Today, I want to talk about makeup. Specifically, the thirty-five-colour Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Morphe Brushes.

I have created three eye looks with three different colour schemes solely using this palette to really showcase its versatility. I hope you enjoy it!

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1. Sultry golden-brown half-cut crease:

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Everyone loves the classic black and gold colour combination.

I blended Creamsicle into the crease, darkening the outer corners with Central Park and a touch of Abyss. I would be careful with this black though. Build it up slowly because there is fall out with this shade.

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Cutting the crease can be as stressful as trying to get your eyeliner even, but patience is key. I used MAC's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre to cut my crease, layering the beautiful golden foiled shadow, Queen, on top. A dry, flat brush is perfectly adequate to apply these foiled shadows, as most of them are super pigmented.

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Left to right: 
Creamsicle, Central Park, Abyss, Queen, Beam

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To complete the eye look, I took Creamsicle and Central Park on my lower lid and highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with Beam. I quickly applied some eyeliner with Kat Von D Beauty's Tattoo Liner in Trooper. I decided not to apply wings because I really wanted to focus on the half-cut crease. But if this look were to be recreated with a winged liner, it would still look stunning.

Although black and gold would pair beautifully with a classic red lip, I decided to couple this eye look with a slightly more edgy lip colour, using Kylie Cosmetics' Metal Lipstick in Reign.

2. Cranberry Halo Eye

Warm, reddish tones are my absolute favourite colours. They exude passion and make me feel bold and valourous every single time I wear these kind of colours. Hopefully, you will too.

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For the crease, I blended in M.F.E.O. before darkening the inner and outer corners of my lid with the shadows, Hunts and Jacz, leaving the centre of my lid bare. I would constantly go back and forth between my crease colour and the deeper shadows to ensure that everything was blended seamlessly.

For the centre of my lid, I used Little Lady to achieve that bright, shimmery halo effect. But I also used a bit of the foiled shadow, Cranapple, to help blend Little Lady with the darker corners.

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On the lower lid, I blended in Hunts and Jacz to even out my eyes. I finished this look off with a fierce black winged liner and paired it with the Kylie Cosmetics' Matte Liquid Lipstick in Candy K, layering their Gloss in Literally on top.

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Left to right:
M.F.E.O., Huntz, Jacz, Little Lady, Cranapple

This is undoubtedly my favourite eye look between the three, because of how often I gravitate towards these colours when I put on my eyeshadow.

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3. Datin Crease Eyeliner

Have you ever been out during Raya and you bump into that one aunty that packed on bright blue eyeshadow on their lids and paired it with an even brighter orange lipstick?

Well, this palette screams to you with a Tiffany blue shimmer, Pool Party, that is arguably the palette's most unique shade. And I had to use it for an eye look.

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I started off by blending Butter and Pooter into the crease. Despite this look focusing on the blue and green, I always like to have a neutral crease to allow better blending of the brighter colours.

Next, I took the matte shadows, Jada and Enchanted, to darken my outer corners. As you can see, I attempted the crease liner with this look. This meant that I had to be careful not to blend these brighter shadows too far up my crease.

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Left to right: 
Butter, Pooter, Jada, Enchanted, Pool Party, Twerk

The star of the show, Pool Party, was applied all over my lid.

For my lower lid, I used the shimmery dark blue shadow, Twerk, to contrast with the brighter blues and greens.

This eyeliner look was super intimidating when I decided to give it a shot. Don't worry if you feel that too, I have faith in you. I started off with a regular winged liner, using Tarte Cosmetics' tarteist Clay Paint Liner in Navy. I chose a navy blue liner instead of black to really emphasize the blue hues of this eye look.

The tricky part: drawing a fine line from the point of your winged liner to the centre of your lid, along your crease line.
Take your time.

If you're thinking, "a regular winged liner already stresses me out, Nadiah. How am I supposed to do a crease liner?"

Just be reminded that I was shockingly terrible at applying winged liner a few years ago. And the best advice I can give to you: practise, practise, practise. You will eventually learn from muscle memory the amount of pressure you need to apply, and where on your eyes the wing should end to suit your eye shape.

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Finally, as promised, the bright orange lipstick I am wearing is the Matte Liquid Lipstick in 22 by Kylie Cosmetics.

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Now you, too, can be a Datin.

Makeup is just fun and games, and is my favourite art form to express myself. At the end of the day, you can wipe it all off.

I hope you have been inspired, and I hope you continue those vibes to inspire others with your creative makeup looks.

Be sure to check out my Instagram, and visit my blog here.

Thank you for having me!

xo, nadiah

Thursday, 11 January 2018

My Favourite Blog Posts of 2017

It's that time of the year again!

Reflecting on the past and excited for the future. As such, I looked back at my old blog posts. I didn't post as often as I wanted to, but I can't blame myself. I enjoyed 2017 a bit too much. Still, I found a few hidden gems.

Here are my favourite blog posts of 2017.

My London Fashion Week A/W17  Experience

Never in a million years did I think I could go to London Fashion Week, and yet I did. 

When I received the invitations, I got heart palpations. I packed a full suitcase worth of clothes and shoes. It was so exciting to watch all these shows, nervous as I was a spectator in this huge event. Watching it unfold in front of my eyes, nerve-wrecking and a true dream come true. 

I Feel Pretty - Unpretty

I wrote this blog post on an emotional day. I felt so unpretty and so unhappy with myself.

Angry with myself, my body, and my mind, I sat down on my unmade bed and spilled these thoughts. A few days later, I rescheduled a shoot, and took these photos instead. No makeup, veins popping and eyes dark as usual. It's one of my most honest posts ever, and maybe that's why I loved it. 

Head in His Clouds

As I mentioned in My Year in Review, I wrote this prose in May, spent June perfecting it and publishing in July.

This post took the longest to publish. At the time, it meant so much. I wrote it on a whim, at three in the morning. Inspired by a boy I know or knew, depending on when you ask me. Now, while my feelings have changed, this post resonates with me as a reminder. Emotions stay with you, sometimes for the best. 

#Me Too: 
My Three Stories of Sexual Harassment

In light of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, many strong men and women have come out with their sexual harassment stories. As support, I wrote about some of my experiences. 

I should note; these are not all of my experiences. If I have to write down every single time I was harassed, by someone I knew or stranger on the street, it would be endless. People are still surprised when I mention these experiences aren't the worst, just the ones I was comfortable to discuss. 

People have called me whitewashed, westernised, white girl. Whether as a joke or insult, it does affect me regardless. As someone raised Bruneian and identifies as Malay, I wondered if I was lesser than others because my (lack of) language skills. 

So I made a video about it. 

While these posts might be my favourite, each blog post this year took effort, time and dedication. These are just few among many.

Now, I can look forward to the blog posts I will write this 2018. Goodness knows how those will be.

what was your favourite blog post of 2017?

with love,
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Thursday, 4 January 2018

18 Things To Do in 2018

Happy New Year!

To say 2017 was interesting would be an understatement. It seems like every year, we're descending into madness or rising up to maintain our sanity. I assume 2018 will be no different. The same fears, but with a hopeful mindset we promote with every new year.

To start us off, here are 18 things to do in 2018!

1. Go on an adventure! Preferably outdoors with some sun.

2. Find a sport you enjoy. A bit of beginner's yoga or boxing each week can start something new. 

3. Read more. Immerse yourself in fantasy books or political articles. There is power in reading.

4. Ask questions you want the answers to. It's better to learn the truth now than live in the uncertain.

5. Find people to love, to talk, and to feel. They don't have to necessarily be one person.  

6. Dance in your bedroom alone, sway to the rhythm of your heart and love how stupid you look. 

7. Buy that cute top that looks good on you. It hugs your silhouette and makes you feel beautiful.

8. Waste time looking outside the window, watch cars pass by, and imagine the passengers' lives. They must be so cool.

9. Do something that scares and excites you. Accomplishing it will feel amazing. 

10. Limit your bad habits. You don't have to remove them completely, just start slow. 

11. Adjust your lifestyle slowly (if you're unhappy). Wake up earlier, cut out junk food, run every other day.

12. Limit your 'no's' so they mean more, and say 'yes' often so you experience more. 

13. Compliment people. Tell that girl her dress is pretty or the boy that his smile is beautiful. 

14. Give advice when approached. It means they trust your judgement, even if you have to repeat the same advice over and over again. 

15. Love without boundaries, and apologise with care. Feelings are complex and fickle, but we need them. 

16. Be better than you think you are.

17. Forgive yourself, you can't keep hating yourself. 

18. Look forward to the future, and make most of it. 

Late nights and emotional instability makes me a pseudo-intellectual, sentimental writer. As you can tell. For more insipid things, you can read 17 Things to Do in 2017 and 16 Things to Do in 2016. Both overdramatic pieces in their own right. 

Regardless, I hope this provides some inspiration to what you will do in 2018. As long as we do. So long as we are still breathing, still surviving and still rising, I think we'll be alright.

so what will you do in 2018?
with love,
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