How I Style Floral Scarves with Lady Qomash

Thursday, 14 December 2017

I'm a simple girl with a love for simple colours.  

A style some might argue is 'lame,' but I say it's minimalist. I stick to blacks and whites, with the occasional pop of pale colours somewhere. It's an easy way to dress in the morning, especially in university, when I would rather come to seminars in pyjama bottoms and t-shirts.

So when I received these Lady Qomash shawls, I took it as a challenge. I would incorporate these ombre scarves (something I've never worn) into my style.

So how did I do?


Of course I would fall in love with the Hydrangea Black. From lightweight satin silk and design, the shawl is perfect to wrap around your neck during the winter. 

The hand drawn design with the sweeping ombre caught my eye immediately. Its delicate floral pattern is subtle against the black and white. It provides enough edge for girls like me, who enjoy looking a bit bolder but still elegant. 

I kept this idea in mind when I styled it. 


I stuck to my colour scheme to match this shawl. Pairing this ombre shawl with an outfit to compliment, I wore a New Look White Shirt and Zara Pleather Leggings. 

As for the scarf style, I pinned the white part to my head and wrapped it loosely. I let the long side hang as I wanted to emphasise the ombre against the outfit's colour block. To finish the look, I wore my ASOS Pink Winter Coat as a pop of colour.


Their Hydrangea Rainbow scarf makes me feel like a unicorn.

Made from the same lightweight satin silk, the scarf reminds me of a rainbow pop ice-cream. With its soft ombre and bold flower print, it's definitely for the girly-girls at heart. The shawls drapes so well against any colour scheme. As for me, I stuck with black.

As usual. 


For the second look, I went for a basic Uniqlo Black Shirt and Superdry Jeans, completing the base with my Zara Oversized Jacket. I wore the Hydrangea Rainbow as a pop of colour against my all-black outfit. This keeps the outfit classy, but still young and playful. 

The shawl wrapped loosely, keeping the long side falling across my chest. This provided coverage and emphasise the ombre detailing in the outfit.

Photos by
Maria Da Silva

Lady Qomash is a small company with big ideas, as their designs infuse art and fashion together. Most notable in their scarf collection, created with watercolour pencils. I can't simply limit myself to these two scarves,  since they are so versatile. Each scarf is 90RM (BND 30), and available to purchase at their website here! 

You can find them on Instagram or Facebook, where they update regularly. If you want to purchase these scarves you can find them here!

J-18-1 Glomac Square
Jalan SS6/16, Kelana Jaya, 
Petaling Jaya, 47301, Selangor.

Sponsored by 
Lady Qomash

What's your favourite way to style scarves?