12 Things I'm Grateful For

Monday, 25 December 2017

I'm not usually one for the festive season. 

Since I don't celebrate Christmas nor do I partake in anything remotely cheery. It's different this year though as I'm spending my December alone. While it's not as depressing as it sounds, I found myself wistful of things I took for granted. 

So here are 12 things I'm grateful for this year.

1. Sunrise & Sunsets. 

Candy cotton skies, swirling purple and yellow and reddish hues, climbing atop the world. Then drifting off to sleep by dusk.

2. My Family. 

7020 miles away, through an 18 hour flight and 2 transits. They annoy me, they bother me, they irritate me but I miss them regardless.

3. Friends. 

The ones I have now, and those I once had. We fill rooms with our laughter. We sing out of tune in cars. We loved so much and yet it still wasn't enough.

4. The Weather.

Cold wind brushing against skin, turning my cheeks pink. The layers upon layers I wear to brave the air. It's a small reminder I'm no longer in tiny South East Asia. That makes me so happy.

5. Sweets. 

Delicate hot chocolate or sour gummy bears, anything I get my hands on. I love biting into a lolly, and finding a surprise. Candy will always be my favourite sinful treat.

6. Strangers. 

I meet some wonderful people I know I will never meet again. They tell me stories of their grown-up children, or how pretty my dress looks. Those kind smiles I receive outweigh the glares I get.

7. Flowers. 

I will be first to admit my distaste for them as gifts, but the first to mention my favourite are white roses. If we never had flowers, they would have never inspired poetry. What a dull world to live in.

8. Ink. 

My fingers are perpetually ink-stained from bad pens. I don't hate it though. When I notice a blue spot on my finger or a short to do list on my palm, I know I'm writing and that's all I want.

9. White Noise. 

When I forget my headphones, I listen to the silence instead. You hear cars driving by, old women speaking in their native tongue, bells ringing and coffee machines buzzing. The world is full of music.

10. Neon Lights. 

Especially at night. The bright signs of corner stores and cheap food joints excite me more than they should. It reminds me the night is awake, even if I am not.

11. Long Walks. 

I walk more now. Over 10,000 a day almost everyday. Living far from friends will make you move. I often complain as I am late. But I need those quiet walks alone sometimes, it clears my head.

12. Home. 

A home doesn't have to be a house, but it could be.

Where I slip my stockings off, make hot Hibiscus tea, and unwind in an unmade bed. Sometimes, it is another place like a familiar cafe where the cashier knows my order before I speak. Other times, it is a person who shares the same story over and over but I still act surprised at the ending.

Whatever, wherever and whoever home is, I am happy to have a home.

It's those minute things I love, ones I'll forget until they are gone. Though I'm not festive, I like to take this time to acknowledge my luck and privilege many don't have. There are people without homes, sleeping in streets this winter, and we can do little to help.

But we can still help.

Centrepoint is a UK-based charity, aiming to help and sponsor homeless youth. More than 150,000 young people are homeless due to finance, abusive families, mental illness etc. Centrepoint provides housing, health support and life skills during these times.

You can make a one time donation of £18 to fund a safe place, or monthly £5 donation to pay for vital basics. The money will provide young people with a future, which is something we all deserve.

Thank you so much.

What are you grateful for?

with love,
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