Tuesday, 10 October 2017

This post is two weeks late. Oh well. 

I blame it on Fresher's Week, Post-Fashion Week Depression, and general laziness.

Still, the obligation to finish writing Day 4 & 5 lingers. Hence why I condensed them to this one blog post. Day 4 was quiet with only a day presentation while Day 5 was my busiest day with three shows.

Here's how they went!


Paul Costelloe SS18 Collection is such a sweet treat.

Slender models frolicking around the room, sucking on lollies and drinking lemonade as the audience stared in awe. We interacted with the models, discussing the pieces and taking selfies. Everyone had such a blast with the fun 60's inspired presentation.

Their outfits struck me the most, bright colours reminiscent of sugary candy. The pieces brought inspiration from the past era, with similar crisp cuts and loose skirts. This was emphasised with bold earrings and Twiggy-esque makeup. It's a sunny edition for next season's style.

scarf : Aidijuma   |  earrings : Lovisa Jewellery
jumpsuit : Aere   |   shoes : Charles & Keith
bag : Maslea

Perhaps my most comfortable outfit in this season's London Fashion Week. Required as I waddled around Covent Garden in the rain.

For the fourth day, I wore Aere Ginia Jumpsuit in Navy Blue and paired it with Aidijuma Satin-Toned Scarf. The light blues paired well with each other, whilst contrasting the gold ombre and Lovisa Heart Earrings. As a final touch, I finished the look with a Maslea bag, embroidered with traditional Malay design.


The first show of the last day was Jamie Wei Huang.

Her Spring/Summer 18 Collection was inspired by indigenous Taiwanese tribes. These themes were highlighted in the collection through the designs. Wei Huang gave a creative twist on classic designs, open backs and sharps cuts found in her pieces.

In addition, the colour scheme focused on light pastels. This kept the focus on the structure and stripes, which she used to demonstrate the themes. More than anything else, this collection felt like a 'dream.'


ON | OFF Presents invited me to their runway, where they showcased three upcoming international designers. Hosted in LFW's 180 Strand, it was exhilarating to say the least. The three designs were unique, eye-catching and just plain awesome.


When CAPLANENTWISLE walked the runway, the first thing I thought was 'diversity.' 

Their models were not the standard, and I loved it. People of colour, some with curves, broad noses or wild hair. They strut down the runway, proud of their looks with the bold pieces. It was the best representation of inclusivity from a brand, highlighting the collection. 

The collection itself was kept androgynous and non-conformist, with no traditional structure in the designs. Oversized coats and shirts hang on the models. It was truly a collection for the reckless youth.



Luke Anthony Rooney SS18 Collection was the most elegant and subdued of the three collections. Models in minimal makeup and well-applied paint, matching the creative clothes as they walked the runway.

The stripes reminded me of paint against traditional structure. With the slip dresses and slim fit design, he creates an overall sophisticated but playful look.


Oh. My. Golly. Yes.

Jack Irving SS18 Collection is out of this world. These pieces reminded me of deep sea creatures, lurking under the ocean. The metallic green-blue hues makes every single extravagant piece stand out. In addition to its already crazy design.

It feels like I can find these pieces in the new Aquaman movie. And I can't wait to see it. 


Our last event of the day was a private viewing of brands, created with the help of crowdfunding. 

Curated Crowd x Axel Arigato celebrates the power of the crowd in nurturing creative autonomy, social sharing and authentic creativity. Similar to Kickstarter and Patreon, Curated Crowd uses the audience for support, creating the designs. 

One of their successful projects were Axel Arigato, a sneaker company which caught my eye. The nude and soft colours look lovely, matching any streetwear look. 

scarf : Verona Collection   |   earrings : Accessorize   |   choker : New Look
coat : KAVA   |   hoodie : KAVA   |   dress : Zara
leggings : Zara   |   shoes : Zara

Saving the best outfit for last. Truly my favourite outfit from London Fashion Week, I felt so bad ass.

The whole look focused on making KAVA pieces outstanding. The Kava Cropped Hoodie features images of Brunei's landmarks while the Oversized Coat featured a handprinted design. Suffice to say, it was the little bit of home I needed in London. Representing Brunei in such a cool event.

Underneath, I wore a basic Zara Black Swing Dress and a pair of Zara Pleather Leggings to provide some more texture to the look.

A video will be coming soon. As soon as I finish editing. Until then...

What did you think of London Fashion Week?

with love,
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