My VEDA Recap

Friday, 1 September 2017

So I did it.

I made a video everyday in August, creating 23 videos this month alone. Apart from the one day I missed due to laziness, I managed to fill the weekdays with a video. Exhausting, exciting and fulfilling. I will never do this again.

Instead of telling why you should(n't) do VEDA, I wanted to dedicate a post for my favourite vides in the month. Though 23 videos are a lot, 5 stood out.

So here is a recap of my favourite videos I made in August!

I wrote a blog post for this video a few weeks ago. This was my first Spoken Word video in over a year, and second overall. 

This spoken word was originally meant to be a blog post, similar to So This Isn't Love and Hate to See Your Heart Break. After some months of writing and editing, I decided it was better as a spoken word. Kaleidoscope's HUMAN exhibit seemed like a good time to perform it. 

I've been listening to 'Wake Me' by Bleachers for over three months. 

The song was stuck in my head. The soft crescendo, and wild beats keep me company during those late nights. Since planning my videos for VEDA, I decided to film a mini-music video for the song. I roped in Faiz AR to help film it. 

The video came out wonderfully, thanks mainly to his great editing skills and patience for my constant nagging. Go check it out!

I managed to film and upload for VEDA while I was on holiday. Surprising to say the least.

Much to my cousins' dismay, I filmed the trip. I took snippets from the day with my iPhone. Capturing little stories and walks throughout the week. I would compile them into a folder in my laptop, and proceeded to edit the Travel With Me later that night. 

An effective way to edit, one I never mastered for the rest of these videos. 

It wouldn't be me unless I post an obligatory emotionally-driven post on my birthday. 

While I usually write a blog post like when I turned 19 and another at 18, since I was filming VEDA, I decided to make a video instead. Perhaps I shouldn't.This may be one of my most personal videos, touching upon growing up and losing yourself in the process. Or maybe not. 

Enjoy my mental breakdown. 


The cast of Relentless' Shrek The Musical joined me in the car. More like I joined them with a camera.

Gathering a bunch of musical nerds in a car leads to the most fun I've had in weeks. Singing along to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson and Shrek The Musical! It was also my first video I worked with two camera, and perhaps an unideal road. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and go watch Shrek The Musical at JIS Arts Center on 16th - 17th September.

So that was my August.

VEDA has taught me a few things. Particularly about balancing work, life and uploading. And to take advantage of cafes' free wifi. Will I do it again? Maybe next year but definitely not in the near future.

which video was your favourite?

with love,
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