London Fashion Week SS18: Day 2 & 3 - NEW LOOK, EDELINE LEE, STEVEN TAI

Monday, 18 September 2017

It's been an odd few days. to say the least.

Some occurrences caused me to write up Day 2 & 3 in one singular blog post. Particularly, missing my only show on Day 2. Oh well, lesson learned. Don't go home halfway through the day to charge your phone, bring your charger. 

That said, Day 3 made up for it by sheer excitement alone. Going to two shows by two amazing Asian designers, at the British Fashion Council Show Space.


For Day 2, I stopped by NEW LOOK at Oxford Circus, as they were hosting mini-event in store. 

Makeovers, cookie dough and their very own catwalk. I didn't stay for long as my iPhone battery was drained. However, I appreciate their success to bring a bit of London Fashion Week's exclusivity to the general public. 

scarf : Aidijuma   |   earrings : Lovisa Jewellery
top : Aere   |   pants : New Look   |   shoes : Charles & Keith
bag : Maslea
Damn the London traffic. 

I arrived twenty minutes too late at The Freemason's Hall, the show had started and I missed it. My heart sank, as I dressed up in the most 'Malay' outfit I could muster. 

Trying to modernise the traditional Malay clothing, I incorporated the designs into streetwear. Pairing Aere Narda Top with my New Look Embellished Jeans made the look wearable for London Fashion Week. My Maslea Sakura Bag and Lovisa Hoop Earrings provided a nice touch. 

Just such a shame I left before taking more photos. 


This is my first Edeline Lee show, and it was a definitely an impressive first impression. 

They had caught my attention when I saw a hijabi in their runway. As a Muslim woman myself, to see this representation at 180 Strand, made my heart flutter. In the smallest ways, they were still promoting diversity which I hope will continue in other shows. 

EDELINE LEE SS18 Collection showcased both the strength and vulnerability of women through the pieces. With soft neutrals as the main colour palette, they evoke a list to classic styles by adding knots and pleats. Personally, I love the bubble fabric found in most of the pieces. The subtle texture makes the outfits pop.


I saw Steven Tai A/W17 Collection during my last London Fashion Week and absolutely loved his designs. His latest collection is no different. 

Still loose and blocky while keeping a feminine touch, STEVEN TAI S/S18 Collection reminds me of chilling in the sun. Sprawling against the grass, taking naps on hammocks and reading old books. The pieces focus on loose structure and ruffles, mostly in light blues and whites with pops of yellow.

scarf : Verona Collection   |   earrings : Lovisa Jewellery   |   choker : New Look
jacket : Zara   |   top : Zara   |   pants : Bajoo
bag : Dior   |   shoes : Charles & Keith

I was fortunate enough to spend the day with two wonderful bloggers, Melissa of Majestic Gal and Nadine of I Am Archive. In between the shows, we visited a pop-up shop and aesthetically pleasing cafes. And of course, the essential 'Outfit Of The Day' photo.

Keeping the main focus as Bajoo Go Getter Pants in Dark Blue, I kept the rest of the outfit minimalist. I purchased a Zara Basic Blazer two sizes up and Zara 'UNEXPECTED SUCCESS' Shirt a few days before. With my favourite black shawl and New Look Choker, I was good to go.

Now, on to the next day! Let's hope I don't miss another show.