London Fashion Week SS18: Day 1 - RUE ST, XIAO LI, IRENE SJ YU

Friday, 15 September 2017

London Fashion Week has arrived!

And I am absolutely exhausted. 

Parading around in high heels and tight high-waisted pants were some minor annoyances. My Uber driver dropping me off 10 minutes from my actual destination, causing me to miss the first show, was a disappointment. Meeting so many new faces though, made my entire day. 

It's only Day 1, and I am absolutely excited. 


The first two presentations I visited were Rue St. & Xiao Li. 

RUE ST. unveiled their new Spring/Summer 18 Collection, titled 'Lisbon.'

When I think of this collection, I think of a holiday. Strolling down the rocky sidewalks, against Lisbon's beautiful architecture. These colourful pairs of shoes provide comfort and style, as they are flats or unique wooden, blocky heels. 

Personally, I adore the flats. The ruffles and bold colour choice can make any outfit look playful. It brings a sense of excitement which I wish I had the bravery to wear. 


XIAO LI showcased her 'I AM NOT A ROBOT' collection. In the shortest terms, I loved it.

Set in a simple room with a simple backdrop, each model circled the room to focus on each piece. Every piece was a soft pastel with a focus of feminine structure, cinching at the waist or playing with puffy sleeves.

With her use of organza and sheer fabrics, Xiao Li manages to create a collection highlighting femininity while expressing her own creativity.

Also, can I please have organza puffy sleeve jacket? It's so pretty!


Late 90s/early 2000s. Spice Girls. Bad Ass Women. 

Thoughts burst through my mind when I saw the collection. Everything about IRENE SJ YU's S/S Collection '18 was exaggerated. From their design, to earrings to their nails. In contrast, the models makeup was kept relatively minimal. Bleach brows, overt blush and dark lip lines.

Her designs are bold, meant to embody all kinds of femininity that would terrify some. Personally, I thought her designs were jaw dropping, reminding me of all the cool girls I could never be.

shawl : Adlina Anis   |   earrings : Phoebe Davey Designs
top : Bajoo   |   pants : Aere   |   shoes : Zara

Since it was the first day of London Fashion Week, I wanted to represent South East Asia through my pieces. 

Apart from the earrings and shoes, each item was from a South East Asian designer. Bruneian Boutique, Bajoo designed the Sweetheart Top in White, pairing it with Malaysian brand Aere Ophyrs Palazzo Pants. I topped it off with Singapore's Adlina Anis Satin Shawl in Dark Red to match my dark lip. 

As I am writing, I am going to head into Day 2 with a few familiar pieces from familiar brands. Excited? Yes. Maddening? Most definitely.

What are your thoughts on London Fashion Week?

with love,
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