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Monday, 18 September 2017

London Fashion Week SS18: Day 2 & 3 - NEW LOOK, EDELINE LEE, STEVEN TAI

It's been an odd few days. to say the least.

Some occurrences caused me to write up Day 2 & 3 in one singular blog post. Particularly, missing my only show on Day 2. Oh well, lesson learned. Don't go home halfway through the day to charge your phone, bring your charger. 

That said, Day 3 made up for it by sheer excitement alone. Going to two shows by two amazing Asian designers, at the British Fashion Council Show Space.


For Day 2, I stopped by NEW LOOK at Oxford Circus, as they were hosting mini-event in store. 

Makeovers, cookie dough and their very own catwalk. I didn't stay for long as my iPhone battery was drained. However, I appreciate their success to bring a bit of London Fashion Week's exclusivity to the general public. 

scarf : Aidijuma   |   earrings : Lovisa Jewellery
top : Aere   |   pants : New Look   |   shoes : Charles & Keith
bag : Maslea
Damn the London traffic. 

I arrived twenty minutes too late at The Freemason's Hall, the show had started and I missed it. My heart sank, as I dressed up in the most 'Malay' outfit I could muster. 

Trying to modernise the traditional Malay clothing, I incorporated the designs into streetwear. Pairing Aere Narda Top with my New Look Embellished Jeans made the look wearable for London Fashion Week. My Maslea Sakura Bag and Lovisa Hoop Earrings provided a nice touch. 

Just such a shame I left before taking more photos. 


This is my first Edeline Lee show, and it was a definitely an impressive first impression. 

They had caught my attention when I saw a hijabi in their runway. As a Muslim woman myself, to see this representation at 180 Strand, made my heart flutter. In the smallest ways, they were still promoting diversity which I hope will continue in other shows. 

EDELINE LEE SS18 Collection showcased both the strength and vulnerability of women through the pieces. With soft neutrals as the main colour palette, they evoke a list to classic styles by adding knots and pleats. Personally, I love the bubble fabric found in most of the pieces. The subtle texture makes the outfits pop.


I saw Steven Tai A/W17 Collection during my last London Fashion Week and absolutely loved his designs. His latest collection is no different. 

Still loose and blocky while keeping a feminine touch, STEVEN TAI S/S18 Collection reminds me of chilling in the sun. Sprawling against the grass, taking naps on hammocks and reading old books. The pieces focus on loose structure and ruffles, mostly in light blues and whites with pops of yellow.

scarf : Verona Collection   |   earrings : Lovisa Jewellery   |   choker : New Look
jacket : Zara   |   top : Zara   |   pants : Bajoo
bag : Dior   |   shoes : Charles & Keith

I was fortunate enough to spend the day with two wonderful bloggers, Melissa of Majestic Gal and Nadine of I Am Archive. In between the shows, we visited a pop-up shop and aesthetically pleasing cafes. And of course, the essential 'Outfit Of The Day' photo.

Keeping the main focus as Bajoo Go Getter Pants in Dark Blue, I kept the rest of the outfit minimalist. I purchased a Zara Basic Blazer two sizes up and Zara 'UNEXPECTED SUCCESS' Shirt a few days before. With my favourite black shawl and New Look Choker, I was good to go.

Now, on to the next day! Let's hope I don't miss another show.

Friday, 15 September 2017

London Fashion Week SS18: Day 1 - RUE ST, XIAO LI, IRENE SJ YU

London Fashion Week has arrived!

And I am absolutely exhausted. 

Parading around in high heels and tight high-waisted pants were some minor annoyances. My Uber driver dropping me off 10 minutes from my actual destination, causing me to miss the first show, was a disappointment. Meeting so many new faces though, made my entire day. 

It's only Day 1, and I am absolutely excited. 


The first two presentations I visited were Rue St. & Xiao Li. 

RUE ST. unveiled their new Spring/Summer 18 Collection, titled 'Lisbon.'

When I think of this collection, I think of a holiday. Strolling down the rocky sidewalks, against Lisbon's beautiful architecture. These colourful pairs of shoes provide comfort and style, as they are flats or unique wooden, blocky heels. 

Personally, I adore the flats. The ruffles and bold colour choice can make any outfit look playful. It brings a sense of excitement which I wish I had the bravery to wear. 


XIAO LI showcased her 'I AM NOT A ROBOT' collection. In the shortest terms, I loved it.

Set in a simple room with a simple backdrop, each model circled the room to focus on each piece. Every piece was a soft pastel with a focus of feminine structure, cinching at the waist or playing with puffy sleeves.

With her use of organza and sheer fabrics, Xiao Li manages to create a collection highlighting femininity while expressing her own creativity.

Also, can I please have organza puffy sleeve jacket? It's so pretty!


Late 90s/early 2000s. Spice Girls. Bad Ass Women. 

Thoughts burst through my mind when I saw the collection. Everything about IRENE SJ YU's S/S Collection '18 was exaggerated. From their design, to earrings to their nails. In contrast, the models makeup was kept relatively minimal. Bleach brows, overt blush and dark lip lines.

Her designs are bold, meant to embody all kinds of femininity that would terrify some. Personally, I thought her designs were jaw dropping, reminding me of all the cool girls I could never be.

shawl : Adlina Anis   |   earrings : Phoebe Davey Designs
top : Bajoo   |   pants : Aere   |   shoes : Zara

Since it was the first day of London Fashion Week, I wanted to represent South East Asia through my pieces. 

Apart from the earrings and shoes, each item was from a South East Asian designer. Bruneian Boutique, Bajoo designed the Sweetheart Top in White, pairing it with Malaysian brand Aere Ophyrs Palazzo Pants. I topped it off with Singapore's Adlina Anis Satin Shawl in Dark Red to match my dark lip. 

As I am writing, I am going to head into Day 2 with a few familiar pieces from familiar brands. Excited? Yes. Maddening? Most definitely.

What are your thoughts on London Fashion Week?

with love,
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Monday, 4 September 2017

20 Things to Know Before Turning 20

Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20
After I turned 20, this post was inevitable. 

After all, I've done 18 Things to Know Before Turning 18 and 19 Things to Know Before Turning 19. So this post, 20 Things, is the obvious sequel in the series.

Much to my displeasure, I can't call myself a 'teen' anymore. Too old now to be a youth, now a young adult. I grimace at the word. Though I haven't felt like a youth or a young adult for sometime. Rather a decrepit without the maturity, clinging onto remnants of past selves.

Nevertheless, the decrepit still has some wisdom. At least, claimed but rarely true. Here are 20 Things to Know Before Turning 20...

Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20
Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20
Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20

1 . Nothing is ever black and white, just varying shades of muddy grey.

2 . The temporary company you keep is almost as good as the permanent. Almost.

3 . Happiness is a rarity rarely constant. Appreciate it while it lasts.

4 . Leave the broken things behind, and mend what is left.

5 . You can delay the inevitable, but it is still the inevitable.

6 . What seems right on paper can be so wrong in life.

7 .  It is righteous to forgive, but do so in your own time.

8 . You will make friends, even in the most unfriendly situations.

9 . Expect failure and accept it.

10 . Social media isn't worth it. Trust me.

Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20
Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20

11 . You will love others. You will love many. It's okay to love.

12 . Do things for the sake of doing them. You will only regret some of them.

13 . There are some stories best left as secrets.

14 . Your friends are idiots. You're an idiot. Revel in your idiocy.

15 . Don't be racist, don't be sexist. Don't be hatin'. Call people out when they are.

16 . Some will love you and some will hate you. You don't need to reciprocate those feelings.

17 . You are yours before you are anyone's anything.

18 . Never stop finding fun in the most un-fun of times.

19 . You will be afraid. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

20 . Life is worth living. Never forget that.

Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20Bash Harry of Hey Bash discusses 20 things to know before turning 20

scarf : (similar)   |   earrings : Lovisa Jewellery
sweater : Poplook   |   jeans : Superdry
shoes : Summit

Well, there goes another melodramatic post.

It seems imminent I become emotional in August. More emotional than usual, I may add. I was like this when I turned 18, and likewise at 19. The posts around those times are proof. This is no exception. Encapsulating my mindset for the year before and the year to come.

For better or worse.

What is something you want to know before turning 20?

with love,
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Friday, 1 September 2017

My VEDA Recap

So I did it.

I made a video everyday in August, creating 23 videos this month alone. Apart from the one day I missed due to laziness, I managed to fill the weekdays with a video. Exhausting, exciting and fulfilling. I will never do this again.

Instead of telling why you should(n't) do VEDA, I wanted to dedicate a post for my favourite vides in the month. Though 23 videos are a lot, 5 stood out.

So here is a recap of my favourite videos I made in August!

I wrote a blog post for this video a few weeks ago. This was my first Spoken Word video in over a year, and second overall. 

This spoken word was originally meant to be a blog post, similar to So This Isn't Love and Hate to See Your Heart Break. After some months of writing and editing, I decided it was better as a spoken word. Kaleidoscope's HUMAN exhibit seemed like a good time to perform it. 

I've been listening to 'Wake Me' by Bleachers for over three months. 

The song was stuck in my head. The soft crescendo, and wild beats keep me company during those late nights. Since planning my videos for VEDA, I decided to film a mini-music video for the song. I roped in Faiz AR to help film it. 

The video came out wonderfully, thanks mainly to his great editing skills and patience for my constant nagging. Go check it out!

I managed to film and upload for VEDA while I was on holiday. Surprising to say the least.

Much to my cousins' dismay, I filmed the trip. I took snippets from the day with my iPhone. Capturing little stories and walks throughout the week. I would compile them into a folder in my laptop, and proceeded to edit the Travel With Me later that night. 

An effective way to edit, one I never mastered for the rest of these videos. 

It wouldn't be me unless I post an obligatory emotionally-driven post on my birthday. 

While I usually write a blog post like when I turned 19 and another at 18, since I was filming VEDA, I decided to make a video instead. Perhaps I shouldn't.This may be one of my most personal videos, touching upon growing up and losing yourself in the process. Or maybe not. 

Enjoy my mental breakdown. 


The cast of Relentless' Shrek The Musical joined me in the car. More like I joined them with a camera.

Gathering a bunch of musical nerds in a car leads to the most fun I've had in weeks. Singing along to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson and Shrek The Musical! It was also my first video I worked with two camera, and perhaps an unideal road. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and go watch Shrek The Musical at JIS Arts Center on 16th - 17th September.

So that was my August.

VEDA has taught me a few things. Particularly about balancing work, life and uploading. And to take advantage of cafes' free wifi. Will I do it again? Maybe next year but definitely not in the near future.

which video was your favourite?

with love,
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