My Top 10 Study Tips

Monday, 21 August 2017

We all need some study tips, right?

Whether in secondary or sixth form or university, we need some tips and tricks to get through our studies without dying inside. 

At least I did and still do. 

Since I'm starting my second this September, I thought I would compile my favourite study tips. Perhaps as a reminder to actually study now. So here are my top ten tips to study effectively!

1 . Find a designated study space at home & elsewhere. A desk at home and perhaps a place outside, like a coffee shop or the local library. A minimal area with minimal distraction.

2 . Listen to music. Any white noise to help your brain focus on the material at hand. I recommend instrumentals rather than any current pop music.

3 . Create a studying agenda or a schedule. Figuring what you will study at a specific time helps your mind focus on the task at hand.

4 . Take breaks often, usually I study for 20 - 30 minute intervals and spend the next 5 - 10 minutes resting, by reading or knitting.

5 . Switch your phone on airplane mode, and laptop without wifi. Let's be honest. We'd get much more work done without internet.

6 . Find a time of day you would like to study. During A Levels, I would wake up at 4am to study, go in morning, and early evenings but I wouldn't touch a book in the afternoon.

7 . Get enough sleep, which is pretty hard. You'll get more work done when you have slept the full 8 hours, or at least 6-7 hours. If required…

8 . Take naps. I love naps, they are underrated. 20 - 30 minute power naps are perfect boosts during the day to get your mind recharged.s!

9 . Figure out your study plan or how you want to study. Some people use mind maps but I don’t like them. I prefer using Lined paper and writing notes there, with highlighters. It's up to you to find a preferred way of studying.

10 . Reward yourself. After a good study session, I eat chocolate because it does help boost your memory. At least that’s what I tell myself because I find any excuse to eat chocolate.

As a law student, I would like to pretend I use all the tips. In reality, I do the bare minimum to get through. As most of my friends do too. If you need more help, I compiled 13 study tips last year!

Still, I hope this does help you get through classes. O Level, A Level and the new semester is just around the corner after all. Yikes.

What are your favourite study tips?

with love,
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