5 Cities to Visit in Europe

Friday, 14 July 2017

I want to travel.

Of course I do, everyone wants to travel. 

I am lucky enough to call Malaysia a second home, and study in United Kingdom for my young adult life. I visited Washington D.C and New York a few years before it was given to a mad man with small hands. I cried when I saw Disneyland fireworks in Tokyo, Japan. 

I can call myself well-traveled yet I still want more. Since I will be abroad for the next few years, I've compiled a few European cities I want to visit. Perhaps as a promise to myself that one day, I will go.

Here are 5 European Cities to Visit!


"When in Rome, do as the romans do," I say as I whip out my sword and shield.

While I wanted to add Milan and Venice to this list, Rome holds a special place over them. Rome is full of rich history and culture in which I want to immerse myself. Walking through The Vatican Museum, visit the iconic Colosseum or wonder at the Pantheon. It would be an amazing trip.


I feel like every blogger has to go to Santorini. As if it is a right of a passage.

Santorini may be one of the most beautiful cities ever, with its beautiful landscape and its even more beautiful architecture. Though I am not a sun or sea kind of girl, I would love to watch a sunset in Oia, have a swim at Vlychada Beach or hike by the Santorini Volcano. Also, aesthetically beautiful pictures, because obviously.


It is, after all, the City of Love. While I doubt I will actually visit the city with a lover, I am certain I will travel with a loved one. My father visited with his best friend, my mother traveled the city with her colleagues. I want to go with someone, anyone.

Watch the sky fall on top of the Eiffel Tower, eat ice-cream by the Arc de Triomphe, find skeletons in the Catacombs. Paris, I will go.


I wanted to visit Amsterdam in February, but London Fashion Week happened and drained me.

A few friends study there, and I intend to meet them, with the promise of visiting every museum. Their museums like Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum holds the finest art pieces. Their canal cruises and cathedrals are also points of interest, on my hopefully-will-go-trip.


George Ezra's Budapest influenced me. I want to go to Budapest so badly.

When I think Budapest, I think of a modern-day royalty. A city of lights, paintings and goofy, poofy dresses. Perhaps it's the architecture; the castles and landmarks. To roam the Buda Castle or St. Stephen Basilica. It's a city with history, and beautiful to boot.

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

There are more cities I want to visit. 

There is a list ever growing in my head. Each city I intend to tick off one day. For now, these are on the top of that list. Time to save my money and start traveling! 

(We'll see...)

So where do you want to travel next?