OOTD | Outfits from Eid 2017

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Happy Eid Al-Fitri everyone!

The blessed month has arrived to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

I wait for this time to reflect all the changes in life since the last Eid. My cheeks are fuller, braces no longer, and still loving Eid. It is the time of year I look most forward to, if only to dress up nice and show you my outfits.

So here are my outfits from Eid! 

shawl : Radiusite   |   dress : Poplook   |   jewellery : (family heirlooms)
shoes :   Prada

Going simple for the first day of Eid, because I didn't do anything.

This Poplook dress was from its 2016 collection. Originally my sister's but I managed to slip into it for this year. Barely, I might add. I realised how much weight I gained since last year when the dress couldn't lift past mid-thigh.

Radiusite Oxford Shawl added a bolder print to the look, matching the dress' light blue-grey hues.

shawl : dUck Scarves   |   dress : Jovian Mandagie   |   jewellery : (family heirlooms)
shoes : Charles & Keith

I bought this Baju Kurung set the next day I arrived in Brunei. 

Still half-asleep when we drove to Bajoo, in search of new Eid dresses. Since I returned half-way through Ramadan, everyone had bought their clothes and I had leftovers. Searching through the racks, my mother picked up Jovian Izu Baju Kurung in Blue from their LS for Jovian collection.The shantung and heavy crepe fabric wrapped around my figure, and printed skirt fell just above my ankles.  

I fell in love as soon I put it on. Much to my delight, the LS for Jovian Baju Kurung is available on Zalora! (Use ZBAPD013 for 15% off!)

As a contrast to the blue top, I wore dUck Matte Satin Silk Scarf in Sweet Chili. It matched the skirt's pink-reddish hues. My mother made sure the metal tag hung over my shoulder. The little duck sat secure, as if it was proud of its wearer.

shawl : Asha Karim Collection   |   dress : Bajoo   |   jewellery : (family heirlooms)
bag : Moschino

I'm not going to lie. I feel like such a Jackie O in Bajoo's Rania from their Eid collection. The flared tiered sleeves and ostrich plumes add interesting elements to the top. Whilst the long black skirt drapes to the floor like a mermaid's tale. What else can I say? I looked fantastic.

You can tell how much I adore this specific Asha Karim Scarf as I wore it last Eid and during London Fashion Week. The soft teal blue and silver-grey embroidery is perfect. It provides the pop of colour I always seek whenever I wear a black ensemble.

DAY 1:   POPLOOK   &   RADIUSITE   |   DAY 2:   JOVIAN   &   DUCK

Three days spent driving around in a car, meeting friends and family, and dressed in my best. It's fun, it's nice, it's good.

I forget why I love Eid so much until it is Eid. It is for my friends and family, and myself. To take a step back and focus on the loves of life. And clothes. Because obviously. 

What do you like to wear for festive events?