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life happens.

I'm scrolling through my photos over the past year.

It's filled with friends, food and the odd screenshot. I wish it were as curated as my Instagram. Instead, it is messy, wild and carefree. An almost perfect portrayal of my life now. I'm not complaining, I revel in the chaos.

But there are times, when I realise how much I miss blogging. I could organise my life in each post, assign significance to an outfit, or pretend I know things I actually don't.

I want to go back to blogging. I miss it.

My first thought is to apologise.

I forgot to update this blog on adventures I've had, and the stories I want to tell. There are drafts still here. An unfinished story from Easter Break, a love letter, and scripts for the next few weeks. My second thought is 'no one really cares.' 

People forget, I forget. 

I don't want to explain myself, give excuses and repeat. I don't want to write a long-winded concession. I don't want to do anything but say, I'm here. 

Hi again. 

I still want to tell you a few things. I am a blogger after all. Bloggers demand you know every good thing that happens to them. To make life seem more interesting.

six good things to note.
     I removed my braces.
     I saw Jon Bellion perform. 
     I watched Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. (met the cast, and proceeded to cry)
     I visited Cambridge.
     I was featured on The Covets and KacheeTee's Fashion Around the World
     I finished my exams. I'm going back home.

April and May were good months to me. In general, the first half of 2017 has been a good year despite its rough start. I am back in a familiar place. Sitting in my bedroom, storage boxes stacked and waiting for a call. I am happy to say I'm happy. I hope it continues, pessimism insists it won't.

Someone asked if I will start blogging again. I nodded and said, 'Yes. Just give me some time.' They furrowed their brows, and ask why I didn't start earlier. Why did I take a break for so long?

I shrug. 

"Life happens. That's all."

what's going on in your life?

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