MOTD | 10 Minute Makeup + No Foundation

Monday, 12 June 2017

Bash Harry Bruneian Beauty, Fashion Life and Style Blogger
I am infamous for spending hours doing my makeup. 

This is true. I do spend hours trying to perfect my winged liner or carving a pout. It has become a running joke, to the point my flatmates are surprised when I finish my makeup before them. Though I can poke fun of myself, it does leave me running late occasionally. Occasionally may be an understatement.

As a measure to prevent further tardiness, I evaluated the time taken for each step. So I started to skip a few steps and kept the essentials.

And behold, My 10 Minute Makeup Look!

Bash Harry Bruneian Beauty, Fashion Life and Style Blogger
Bash Harry Bruneian Beauty, Fashion Life and Style Blogger

This has become my go-to look during Uni days. When I need to be quick for class but don't want to scare anyone on my way.

I only applied my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Shade 20 and set with MAC Light Plus Mineralize Skin Finish. I apply TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer as highlighter and Sleek Pink Lemonade Trio as blush since I like having dimension to my round face. A bit too much dimension if I may add.

Since I wear my glasses, I keep my eyes relatively bare. I add a light wash of Mary-Lou and heavy coat of Benefit They're Real! Mascara. For lips, I reach for an easy-to-wear nude like Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Venus with Essence XXXL Lip Gloss on top.

So easy, it doesn't warrant a tutorial. Yet I still made one.

This look is quickly becoming a favourite for casual days. Days I want to make the most minimum effort to look decent. Removing colour-correcting, foundation and eyeliner from my everyday look has cut my makeup time in half.

Still running late though. Perhaps that's just me.

What are your favourite products for quick makeup looks?