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Monday, 13 March 2017

Words in Books I'll Never Write - Bash Harry - Flesh to Feel Bones to Break
i've written so much in the past year
Yet still not enough.

It has almost been a year since the first edition. I featured three passages from a book literally titled 'Words In Books I'll Never Write.' I've switched books since then.

My best friend gifted a cardboard-covered book, with my favourite quote printed in gold. I squealed and told her I loved it. I keep all my slices there, filling it in whenever inspiration strikes. After a year, I decided to write up another post.

Here is another page from words in books i'll never write. 

Words in Books I'll Never Write - Bash Harry - Flesh to Feel Bones to Break
t h r e e   s l i c e s    b y    b a s h   h a r r y

0 1   .   s a t i s f i e d .

"May you always be satisfied."

But I know he will never be satisfied.

Instead, he laughs. A chuckle emitting from his throat, raising his eyebrows at my toast. So he takes another swing and drowns in blissful sorrow. Those intelligent eyes fixates on my stare. I forget how much he enjoys his place, with these rebels at the revel.

I've never been beside someone so sure of himself. He leans back against the chair and sighs. He knows, and I know. I will never be satisfied, he can never satisfy. 

- 22nd May 2016, 12:42pm

0 2   .    o d e   t o   m e l a n c h o l y .

She arrives without notice. Her presence clouded in quiet drafts. She approaches so slow and gracefully, I don't realise she's here until her grey smoke engulfs me. Her thin fingers caress my face, carving hollow cheeks. I feel her cold breeze washing over when she whispers. Then she kisses me. 

I can't breathe. 

The sun seeps through the fog, but I stay in. She leaves me in bed. Cradled by dreams of better days without her. She still lets me sleep. So when I rise by midnight, I won't feel the carcass we share.

- 5th November 2016, 2:17am 
0 3   .   c r a z y .
“You’re crazy.”

I forgot what I said that night. That made you stop in your tracks, shaking your head. While I laughed, you just stared. Your mouth agape, hands in your pocket. I glanced at your pale figure then back to the cobblestoned streets.

“That’s derogatory term.” I said. “It’s considered insulting to those with mental illness.”

You scoff.

“Maybe, but that doesn't mean I'm not right.”

“Maybe.” I repeat. A pause. Then a smile. “But I’m the good kind of crazy.”

  - 16 December 2016, 6:39am

Words in Books I'll Never Write - Bash Harry - Flesh to Feel Bones to Break

Let's hope I feel more inspired as the year continues.

I've always wanted to incorporate more written work into these post. As I said before, the slices I write reflect my being in the moment of writing. Some romanticised snippets of life and others wishful fiction.

Who knows what else I'll be writing about.

so what do you write about?