Why Falling Out of Love is Okay

Monday, 20 March 2017

"i don't seek lovers. i seek muses."
- every pretentious prick ever

More specifically, the pretentious prick in a red scarf. 

Falling in love is a fickle thing. One that I cannot describe so easily. Many young writers have written novels about love, romance and its in-betweens. They express their love of love in ways the brain may be able to seek. These writes know love. I am not one of them. 

Instead, I sit on my bed. Behind my board and books, and just talk about love. And why falling out of love is okay.  

S U B S C R I B E   T O   ' B A S H   H A R R Y '

This video summarises my thoughts on love. Which in turn can be summarise into; 'fall in love to fall out. And write about it.'

Oh well. 
what are you thoughts on love?