My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience

Thursday, 9 March 2017 London, UK

My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - Haute Elan hosts London Modest Fashion Week 2017 at Saatchi Gallery
it has been three weeks since I went to
london fashion week

London itself is a hectic city. London, during Fashion Week, is another kind of hectic. Beautiful people wearing precise makeup, clothes picked meticulously. I could only watch in awe, my heart beating and mouth agape. 

It is exciting to watch the week unfold onscreen. To watch it in real life is exhilarating. The outfits I wore was only a fraction of my week in London. The week was spent going from show to show, all across London. Worried I might forgot about every detail, I did what any sane person would do. 

I filmed it. 

My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - Ekaterina Kukharev showcases her A/W 2017 Collection at Durham House StreetMy London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - Steven Tai showcases his Sleep Now, Work Later A/W 2017 Collection at Durham House Street

D A Y   O N E :

The shirt I was suppose to wear that night stained pink. Internal screaming and muffled tears ensued. After a sleepless night, I would not let one bad day affect my week. I rushed to the closest Topshop, bought a new shirt and rushed to Durham House Street. 

There were four presentations today. Minki, Judy Wu, Ekaterina Kukharev and Steven Tai. 

Each designer showcased their latest A/W 2017 Collections in the underground showrooms. Each collection eclectic yet inspiring. Ekaterina Kukharev A/W 2017 Designs reminded me of Shakespearean heroines, in their pastel floral and unkempt hair. The delicate dresses hid fierce women, who found strength in their femininity.

Steven Tai also caught my eye. The Sleep Now, Work Later Collection spoke to me spiritually. It was a love letter to day dreams and lazy nights. Inspired by sleep and sheep, Geeky girls with glasses dressed in comfort chic. The collection' neutral hues had pops of humour with splashes of watercolour and sloths.  

My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - W London hosts Finishing Touches Pop Up providing nail services by WAH Nails
My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - Bruneians at House of iKons event featuring Bash Harry, Fiqah Zailani and Tin Tin FaisalMy London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - Oxford Fashion Studio hosts an evening catwalk at Devonshire Square featuring Schmiley Mo

D A Y   T W O :

This was my busiest day. So busy, I was nearly late for every event. Not because of who I am as a person.

W London hosted a LFW Finishing Touches Pop Up. It provided complimentary pamper services to 'help fashionistas to look good, feel good, go longer and stay later.' So Maria and I headed there for complimentary hair styling, and nail design. WAH Nails did amazing work on my nails. They lasted three days before I inevitable scratched the polish off.

Afterwards, we headed to Millennium Hotel at MayfairHouse of iKons hosted their own fashion event where Naforrer, amazing Brunei designer, was showcasing her NFormation Collection for the first time in UK. Tin Tin and Afiqah were also there to show their support.

Unfortunately, I couldn't watch the House of iKons show as I had to rush to Saatchi Gallery for the opening of London Modest Fashion Week. A two-day event celebrating modesty. The event itself requires its own article. I watched the first show but couldn't stay for long once again.

I had to rush to Devonshire Square for  Oxford Fashion Studio's Evening Show. It was a catwalk of different designers including Schmiley Mo, who were so kind to invite me. It was the Indonesian brand's first catwalk in LFW, showcasing 'The Story of Henry' Collection. Henry was the collection's chicken icon, who's influence was seen on the runway. The collection featured Schmiley Mo's well-known quirky style with their bold prints against denim.

Henry must be so proud.

My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - Three Muslim Influencers at London Modest fashion Week - Bash Harry, Simply F.S and Hijabi in London
My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - One-Ra by Dynas walks the runway of London Modest Fashion Week

D A Y   T H R E E   :

After a hectic first two days, I was happy to stay in Saatchi Gallery for the whole day. Though it did not mean the day was not busy. 

I rushed to the catwalks, then to presentations and talks. All the while squealing internally. I sat along side new friends and idols I never thought I would meet. I met wonderful bloggers like Faiza and Aneesa, and gushed over Masuma Khan, Dina Tokio and Zukreat. I was having the time of my life as a fangirl. 

A more comprehensive post about London Modest Fashion Week is on its way, including one about One-Ra by Dynas who's collection stunned the runway.

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I still can't believe I attended London Fashion Week. 

It's one of those things you always wished you could do, but never thought you would. A literal dream come true. To sit front row among incredible people in the industry. To watch designs bring their ideas to life. To say this is a life I love, how silly it might seem. 

I am so happy to go to London Fashion Week. As a young girl who is in a constant crisis, it becomes a reaffirmation of who I am and what a life there is. 

did you keep up with london fashion week?