OOTD | Outfits from London Fashion Week 2017

Monday, 27 February 2017

somehow, i managed to get invited to london fashion week.

Outfit planning stressed me out. Even though it shouldn't. 

I spent weeks meticulously planning my outfit for the four day I attended. Which then proceeded to crash and burn due to unforeseen circumstance. Nevertheless, I found myself lucky with pieces to wear. New clothes hanging on the rack. I squealed as I coordinated each outfit for each day.

So here are my outfits for four days of London Fashion Week.

SHAWL : Shawl By V Snow   |   EARRINGS : (similar)   |   NECKLACE : Little Bits of Random
SHIRT : Topshop   |   PANTS : Uniqlo   |   SOCKS : (similar)
HEELS : Charles & Keith   |   BAG : Nila Anthony

A white, nude and pink combination with gold detailing. The whole outfit was inspired by my Nila Anthony Ice Cream Bag. Because look at it. 

I bought the Flared White Top the early morning before the first show. Rushed into the Topshop changing room in Oxford Street and readied my outfit. The Light Pastel Pink Shawl wrapped into a turban and traded sensible flats for these Nude Platform Heels. With the added accessories, the clothes exuded a 70's vibe, fitting the tone of today's shows.

SHAWL : Verona Collections   |   SUNGLASSES : Accessorize   |   CHOKER : H&M
JACKET : H&M   |  DRESS : Schmiley Mo   |   JEANS : SuperDry
BOOTS : In The Style   |   BAG : Nila Anthony

Schmiley Mo had their first London show this night. So I showed my support by wearing their Beryl Polka Dot Tunic Top.

A bold statement piece in and of itself. Matching it with Nila Anthony Red Lips Clutch and Verona Collection Satin Hijab in Deep Cherry seemed inevitable. The bold red suited the black and grey ensemble. I felt like the coolest girl in the world, until I met actual cool girls that day.

SHAWL : Asha Karim   |   SHIRT : Uniqlo
SUIT : Blancheur   |   BAG : Zara   |   HEELS : Summit

Barney Stinson was right; "Nothing suits me like a suit." 

Blancheur Black Suit is powerful yet elegant, which compliments my favourite Asha Karim Shawl. I've worn it previously for Eid and use it again for day like this. I stride through every room, shoulders back and head high. Perhaps an ego too high as well that proceeds to fall as soon as I sit across these gorgeous girls.

 SHAWL : Verona Collection   |   SHIRT : Uniqlo
KIMONO : Kisshoten   |   PANTS : Topshop   |   SOCKS : Marks & Spencers
HEELS : Charles & Keith

No words can describe how beautiful this kimono is, but I can try.

I've never had a kimono but none will ever beat the Kisshoten Kimono. Bold red roses printed on to the silk fabric. Its simple lines makes this a piece of its own kind. I complemented the red with Emerald Toyshop Trousers, purchased a few days before. A great pairing.

DAY   1   :   NILA ANTHONY   |   DAY   2   :   SCHMILEY MO
DAY   3   :   BLANCHEUR  |   DAY   4   :   KISSHOTEN
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A London Fashion Week will be up very, very soon. 

Roaming through the footage, I realised how hectic the four days were. Outfits were only the start. Struggling in heels or adjusting my shawl didn't matter as much as it did then. Now, I look back with pride over the weekend. I can't wait to show you what I was up to. For now...

what's your favourite look for London Fashion Week?