5 Personal Goals for 2017

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Bash Harry Brunei-born and UK-based Blogger
in theory, this should help me.

After all, every self-help book states setting goals is beneficial. Small goals, big goals. Those easy to achieve, and some harder to accomplish. I enjoy the idea of goals. However, going through with them is a task I’m unwilling to commit. I’ve noticed this since last year. I didn’t achieve any of my personal goals last year.

And that’s fine. It means I can start fresh. 

These are my 5 goals for 2017.

Bash Harry Brunei-born and UK-based Blogger


And stick to it. 

A brave statement for someone with over fifteen unfinished notebooks. All scribbled with faded ink, only a few pages filled. Perhaps purchasing an overpriced notebook was unnecessary. Cover painted black and bonded with rings. But noticing how scatterbrained I've become over the past few months, a bullet journal seemed the most logical way to start anew. 

But as I said before, I'm not the most logical person right now.


As a university student, I am broke. As an international student, I can travel. Do you see my problem?

I'm happy with the places I've traveled so far. Bath, Brighton and Leicester, being short day trips. In 2017, I hope to expand the trip to Cardiff, Plymouth, and maybe even Amsterdam. I just want to travel. The only problem is tickets and accommodation, which is problem for broke solo travellers.


I've never been to a concert before. 

My friends look at me, aghast, as if I missed a rite of passage. It feels like it sometimes. When they describe the atmosphere, everyone cheering on the main act. All in love with the music. I want to experience that. Hence why I bought my first ticket to my first concert. Jon Bellion in April, in Birmingham.

I can barely contain my joy.

Bash Harry Brunei-born and UK-based Blogger


Ever since I started school again, the blog has been lacking. In consistency, style and general focus. Despite my lack of posts, I still worried. By December, I wondered whether I should delete everything. Perhaps I would be happier. Perhaps.

But that would be a waste of two long years. I consider 2017 a fresh start. My goal this year is to be consistent. Posting quality content twice a week. Videos included. I keep repeating this every other month. Limiting myself to two posts week might be beneficial for me. So watch out for a post every Monday and Thursday.

0 5   |   START … SOMETHING.

I want to start something new. Anything.

As wonderful as blogging is, it bores me sometimes. A lack of interest might be the reason. I forget the rush starting the blog, writing a post and hitting publish. It was exciting. I miss that feeling. Perhaps I'm trying to recreate that feeling by starting something new. I'm not sure what it is yet.

Bash Harry Brunei-born and UK-based Blogger

I am aware I am too optimistic for 2017. Considering 2016 was, by lack of a better word, a giant turd in a turd hat.

But I am an optimist. I don’t think I could stop being optimist. In an endless sea of cynics with jade eyes, I tint my glasses pink and wear perpetual hope on my lips. The world looks better through rose-colored glasses. Even when the world is setting itself on fire.

what are your goals for 2017?