Five Things in December

Monday, 2 January 2017

oh hi again.

I repeat again and again. And again. Even I wonder if I will actually keep my promise this time. 

My apologies for forgetting to write Five Things for November. However, if I am to be honest, I have forgotten most of November. It passed through like a blur, constantly lying in bed or sitting in class. It wasn't exciting, at least compared to December's constant rush.

So here are my five things in December. 

0 1   |   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   S O C I E T Y ' S   W I N T E R ' S   B A L L

What a lovely night. 

My friends and I went to the International Society's Winter Ball. Asians, and Josh, dressed up to celebrate winter, have fun and forget the summative essay due in two days. It was wonderful to end the night. Every girls' heels tossed on the floor, lights flickering and the blisters still stinging my achilles' heels. What a lovely night indeed.  

0 2   |   A   D A Y   I N   L E I C E S T E R

Pronounced 'Lester,' not 'Le-chest-er.'

My closest friend closest to me lived in Leicester. I used this as excuse to travel more this Holiday Break. The differences in lifestyle between Exeter, London and Leicester is curious. It's prevalent in architecture, people and even weather. I enjoyed my time in Leicester, catching up with an old friend and making new ones.

0 3   |   M O A N A 

Let me rant first. UK ticket prices are absurd. £8 for a student-discounted ticket? With £8 in Brunei, I can buy two movie tickets with enough cash to spare for a large combo meal. Gracious.

That said, I don't regret spending a single pence on Moana. A quintessential Disney film. Perhaps it was the catchy soundtrack from Lin-Manuel Miranda or the gorgeous animation. Moana is truly a something to behold. Or maybe it's just the Disney fanatic in me.

0 4   |   W I N T E R   W O N D E R LA N D   I N   H Y D E   P A R K

"You have the emotional stability of a child." Said a friend when I mentioned I cried watching fireworks at Disneyland. I argued it was pure joy and excitement, finally expressing itself. It is the same feelings felt when I went to Winter Wonderland. 

It is unabashedly and honestly Christmas in its spirit. Walking around with friends across the booths, selling pretzels, churros and lagers. Though I didn't have the funds to try out all the rides, I still managed to go on an exciting rollercoaster. It made me scream like a child. In pure joy and excitement.

0 5   |   B A C K   I N   B R U N E I

I'm currently typing this on a tacky cheetah-printed couch in my childhood home. As I usually did five months ago. Yes, I'm back in Brunei. 

I'm spending the second half of Christmas break with family and friends. One-third of the second half I spent jet lag with an awkward sleeping pattern. I'm still trying to adjust. Hopefully, the jolt of a familiar home will appease my sense. I never thought I was homesick, I was too busy to be homesick.  But sitting down in the living room, my siblings surrounding me.

There's no feeling like it.

The first half of December was a rush. I forget most of it. If not for the photographs taken, it would be a faint thought by comparison to the quiet second half. As much as I enjoyed the hectic December, I wouldn't give it up for this rest. At least, until January.

Oh, I can't wait for January. 
how was your December?