Favourite Blog Posts of 2016

Thursday, 5 January 2017

one year of blogging gone. 
and how did it go?

It was alright. 

2016 wasn't perfect but it was alright. Apart from a few, long schedule slips and less-than-stellar blog posts. Despite them, I did find a few gems as I scrolled through old posts. Some I forgot I wrote, and others I remember with joy. I thought I would share those gems with you.

In no particular order, here are my favourite blog posts in 2016. 

Does colorism in Brunei exist? Yes. 

My friends and I discussed our experiences with colorism. Skin colours affected our life in Brunei through other's perceptions. Despite living in the 21st century, South East Asia still hides underlying racism in our beauty standards. It's worth a read for the three different perspectives. 

In hindsight, I disliked this movie.

Through, I did love my review. Rather it was a critical analysis focusing on how Batman v. Superman is an allegory about man's growing disdain for religion. Awesome. To be honest, it was an excuse to squeal over the religious overtones and sigh over Henry Cavill's physique. 

My most personal post about my disdain for being personal online. Oh, irony is an ill mistress.

It was a topic close to my heart at the time, and even now. The boom of social media use in Brunei prompted me to question why I was online, and the extent of who should I be online. A personality constructed to seek privacy in reality or honest in the face of judgement. It's being metaphorically naked online.

RUST is the coolest shoot I've done so far. All thanks to Jay for the location and his skills. We shot this in early January, sun blazing and drenched in sweat. It was worth it though. Just for the rustic shots alone. The photos inspired the anecdotal introductory about metal men.

Check Jay Johar out; his photography is amazing!

Create statement shoes in the one afternoon!

My first Do-It-Yourself project on the blog. These fabric shoes cost me nothing to make, since I already had the materials and tools. Even then, you just need fabric and glue. This step-by-step tutorial is easy follow and I hope to do more of these. If I'm not lazy. 

I'm proud of all my posts. Despite some obvious favouritism.

Each post took dedication to edit, write and promote. Some more so than others but all I dedicated time and effort. For a good part of 2016, I was consistent. Writing posts, taking photos and generally having a grand time.  So here's to 2017 and a slew of new posts. 

what were your favourite blog posts of 2017?