17 Things to Do in 2017

Thursday, 19 January 2017

17 things to do in 2017 by HEY BASH
we survived 2016!


But we survived! And that is important reminder as we enter 2017, unsure but scared. Rather than focusing on our fears, justified I might add, I want to be optimistic. Looking forward to the new year with things we should do. Some exciting, some insignificant but all something to do.

So to highlight the importance of doing, here are 17 things to do in 2017. 

17 things to do in 2017 by HEY BASH

0 1   |   Forgive and forget. Or at least, forgive.

0 2   |   Make time for family. Especially those halfway across the world.

0 3   |   Take more walks. Walk along the unknown streets and just keep walking.

0 4   |   Go to a show. Any show.

0 5   |   Travel. Travel somewhere, anywhere. Just travel.

0 6   |   Dance in the rain. Splash in puddles. Get soaked.

0 7   |   Find new experiences, and make stories out of them.

0 8   |   Fall in love. Not with someone, just something.

0 9   |   Work hard, but don’t forget to have fun.

1 0   |   Seriously, have fun. Don’t forget to have fun.

1 1   |   Enjoy alone time. You don’t need people to be happy.

1 2   |   Make fun of yourself. Laugh at yourself. You’re a joke, and that’s hilarious.

1 3   |   Be kind. Kinder to yourself, and to others.

1 4   |   Take naps. Naps are the best things in the world.

1 5   |   Figure out your worth, and realise it’s priceless.

1 6   |   Make a statement.

1 7   |   Smile more. God knows we need to.

17 things to do in 2017 by HEY BASH

This turned into some half-deep, self-help quarter-life crisis cry. As it usually happens. For more ideas, I do have 16 Things to Do in 2016. Most I have done.

I expect many things to happen in 2017. Every year getting progressively crazier. What we can do for now, is just to do. Focus on ourselves and hope for the best. I'll definitely continue this mindset as I enter 2017, unsure but optimistic.

what will you do in 2017?