Five Things in October

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I T   W A S   A   B U S Y   O C T O B E R .

Hence my lack of posts. But here I am nonetheless. Typing in between classes, pretending I'm doing actual work. Which I'm not. Instead, I am writing this because it is a week over due and I feel bad.

Here are my Five Things in October!

0 1   |   A   W E E K   I N   L O N D O N

My second trip to London since arriving here. This time, taking the train alone, which itself was exciting enough for me.

I spent a good half of Reading Week with my relatives. Visiting different restaurants everyday and a warm bed by the end of the night. On Monday, I joined some law students to the Inns of Court in Central London, specifically Middle Temple and Inner Temple. Aah, tales of a future barrister (maybe).

0 2   |   T H E   B R I G H T O N   S U N

I spent my first day in London, travelling to Brighton.

Brighton lives up to its name. The sun bright, and wind breezing through. We spent the day walking along the Brighton Beach, made of pebbles and stone, and heading to the Brighton Pier, where I lost my favourite chapstick. Getting good ice-cream and taking pictures of cute dogs saved the day.

0 3   |   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   S O C I E T Y   B O A T   P A R T Y

I can finally scream 'I'm On A Boat!' then go back inside, because it was freezing.

First week of October, I went to Exmouth for International Society's Boat Party. Dressed in blue and black, and freezing. I can overlook that as it was a fun night, ending with a cheeky hang at a local pub with good friends. 

0 4   |   S T U D E N T   L O C K - I N

This is a thing I had no idea was a thing. And I'm happy to have learned it is a thing.

One night of shopping for students with discounts galore. My favourite nightmare for I spent the evening with my debit card in hand. Now I have new clothes in my closet but a dent in my bank account. Which is as expected, noted by friends and family. 

0 5   |   O H   R I G H T . . .   I   M A D E   V I D E O S

Which I completely forgot to promote. Whoops.

As said in the previous post, I blame University and general lethargy. I forgot I filmed two videos for October, back in Brunei. So here you go!

The first is a Pretty In Pink Makeup Tutorial for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Breast cancer has affected us in many ways. This video is just to create more awareness for the cause. So please do learn how to self-examine through these methods. If you want to learn more about breast cancer and the women it impacts, click here.

The second video is for Halloween! Aptly called 'Floral Infection.' My first Special Effects video, using yarn and liquid latex. For both videos, special thanks goes to E'fekt Media House for producing these videos.

To say I was busy in October is an understatement and exaggeration.

Half of my time was spent forgetting I had a blog to run. The other half worrying about the blog I didn't have time to run. I can only hope I will blog more frequently as November approaches. Though, it is already November and this post is one week late. Oh well.

I guess time will tell.

How was your October?