Five Things in September

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

T H I N G S   H A P P E N E D

As they usually do. 

Moving, studying, adjusting. Life changed drastically but it was expected. For years, I've been preparing for this September. Finally able to study in UK, and work hard and do good. Of sorts. Getting here though was not difficult but it was tedious.

Here are Five Things in September!

0 1   |   B Y E   B Y E   B R U N E I

I filmed a video with the same thoughts in mind, but the post was jumbled.

I left Brunei on 5th September. Tears flooded when I left the airport. My friends and family waved goodbye, and hugged me tight. They whispered, 'Take care of yourself. Be good and do good.' I won't see them in almost a year. I miss them more than I miss Brunei.

0 2   |   H E L L O   U N I T E D   K I N G D O M

I boarded the plane at 8PM Brunei-time and arrived at 7AM London-time. A 16 hour flight which I spent behind a boxer. Not as exciting as it should be, as I was exhausted.

I spent a short week in London, with my father as a guide and mother as exciting tourist. We walked along Bayswater to Oxford Street, and some more. It's different here, that's what I note. The architecture, the weather, the people.

0 3   |   O F F I C I A L   L A W   S T U D E N T

You may not know this, but Law is a difficult course.

After a long nine months without school, I embraced these heavy law books with open arms. Then dropped to the floor. Though, I am swamped with readings and note-taking, I'm happy to start a degree. Finding friends on my first week also gave me great start.

0 4   |   S A U S A G E   P A R T Y   I S   . . .   w e i r d

Did you know Sausage Party is banned in Brunei?

So when I found it was still playing at the Odeon next door, I dragged my friends to watch together. I regret that now. It wasn't a bad movie, but it was very absurd. Which I think is a compliment in itself. No film has made me feel as uncomfortable as Sausage Party, which means I must watch it again.

0 5   |   C U L T U R E   S H O C K

I've discussed culture shock in my last post. Though I feel it needs to be repeated.

It shouldn't surprise me, to still be consistently surprised at what is common in UK. Nineteen years in the east means that I still need to get used to UK's culture. Light conversations, the unpredictable weather and heavy drinking. I'm hoping by October, I will become indifferent. For now, let me applaud for your strong livers.

So that was my September.

Exciting in concept but over all, overwhelming and underwhelming. The excitement is passing, I can feel it as October arrives. I'm getting used to the culture, though I don't feel like a part of it just yet. I'm excited for Autumn though. As someone who has never seen the leaves change colour, Autumn might be my favourite season.

How was your September?