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Friday, 21 October 2016

OOTD | Maybe IDK

Bash Harry, UK-Based Bruneian Beauty, fashion life and style Blogger
" I S   T H I S   B Y   D E S I G N   O R   R A N D O M   F A T E ? "

Oh, I don’t know.

But who does? When faced with the uncertainty of certain farces, we cower behind humour and sarcasm. I keep my head forward, back straight and feet planted to the concrete. Dressed in black to suit the forsaken. Large rims hiding tired eyes, and lips parted to breathe. Wandering around the streets, alone in the crowd. I am lost.

I lost myself.

And maybe that's okay.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

OOTD | My First Uniform

Bash Harry, Brunei-Born Exeter Uk-Based Beauty, Fashion Life and Style Blogger
Bash Harry, Brunei-Born Exeter Uk-Based Beauty, Fashion Life and Style Blogger
I   A L W A Y S   W O R E   A   U N I F O R M

From kindergarten to sixth form, I wore patterned skirts, plain white dress shirt with a square scarf. For nearly 12 years, I knew what to wear every school day. The uniform hanged on my rack without much change, save for a few faint stains. Everyone looks like everyone else, no one bothers looking nicer in a sea of plain white fabric.

University is a little different but the same nevertheless.

Looking nice for the first few days then changes to a new kind of uniform. Sneakers, hoodie and bedhead. Like every other girl in university. Luckily, I organised an outfit. Just for the first day.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Five Things in September

T H I N G S   H A P P E N E D

As they usually do. 

Moving, studying, adjusting. Life changed drastically but it was expected. For years, I've been preparing for this September. Finally able to study in UK, and work hard and do good. Of sorts. Getting here though was not difficult but it was tedious.

Here are Five Things in September!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Life | Adjusting to UK

' I ' M   D O I N G   O K A Y '

I tell my friends and family when they ask online. Their names lit up on my dying phone. I smile when I text them. I send pictures of the streets, the food and my university.I miss them since leaving for University a few weeks ago.

Things have changed since then. Now, I walk back to my flat with a Costa coffee cup in hand. This has become my afternoon routine in Exeter, Devon.

It isn’t glamorous but it’s new.

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