Five Things in August

Thursday, 1 September 2016

S H A L L   I   D E S C R I B E   A U G U S T . . .

In all its bittersweet divine?

And though, it could just be me in chosen ignorance. To remain blissful among my last month here in Brunei. As I prepare for my time in UK, I choose to spend this month with friends and family. With some exciting times, I hope to remember forever.

Here are a few things that happened in August!

K U B O   A N D   T H E   T W O   S T R I N G S

Why hasn't anyone seen Kubo And The Two Strings?

No one I know has seen it but what it has, it is amazing. A story about Kubo's journey, inspired by Japanese culture. An inspiring cinematic masterpiece that surprised me. I knew it was good, I didn't know it was that good. It was impressive. The only disappointment of the film is its box office.

B I R T H D A Y   B A B E S

Not only was it my birthday in August, it was also my siblings!

And grandmothers. And cousins. And friends. A lot of birthdays to celebrate this month. To which, left me hoping I will be back in Brunei next year. Just to see these happy faces again. But to my siblings especially. Happy 18th, Syasya. Happy 16th, Adam and Happy 10th, Aisyah. Stay good.

T O   T H E   A I R P O R T ,   W E   G O !

It is depressing to see friends fly off.

I've watched many friends fly off this August. Three great friends flew together to Amsterdam, and a beautiful lady went back to Jordan. I didn't cry both times, holding back tears I refused to fall. It is my own fault for being so stoic. Still, I hugged them all and wished them luck. I love them to bits, my  beautiful friends. 

S A Y I N G   G O O D B Y E

A bit metaphorical, and a bit literal.

Lots of goodbyes told, and left. Eating at cafes with old friends, and jogging to favourite places I rarely visit. It is a quiet goodbye, almost to assure myself I will see them soon. Yet it's all the more different, knowing it will most likely be the last time I see them this year.

B I R T H D A Y   /   F A R E W E L L   P A R T Y

Perhaps my favourite night of this year, and for many (stupid) reasons.

I hosted a small barbecue/farewell party on my birthday, inviting only dear friends. It was casual and simple, unsuspectingly quaint. Until my friends decided to trick me, as they always do. My boyfriend is a meanie who takes advantage of my gullible nature. While I won't get into details, I will say they were sad tears then angry tears then happy tears. And oh, how dare he.

In all, it was a wonderful birthday, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

What an amazing time, in the most significant ways. 

August was suppose to be grand, with so many events to attend but I declined them. Not out of disrespect for these events, but for my decision to spend time with loved ones. As this is my last month in Brunei, I'd rather spend it with them. And I don't regret it.

How was your August?