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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

T O   M Y   B E A U T I F U L   F R I E N D S . . .

Whom I bid farewell at the airport. I clutched their clothes, whispering words of encouragement and wishing I came along. I waved goodbye and held back tears. And held my friend back who did cry. Three friends left for the Netherlands, for further studies. One of them was Mervyn.

Mervyn from The Mervyn Monologues is one of my closest friends. His face popping up in many, many, many personal posts. I watched him and two beautiful girls leave to Amsterdam almost week ago. Now, he resides in Utrecht. Where he will experience the wonders of a new country, the joys of a new life and start anew.

And so I asked him to write for me. About this new world untouched.

What was it like in the Netherlands? 
Was it a culture shock stepping out of the airport?

M E R V Y N :

"Culture shock? 

No, that was not the problem.

The problem was that I did not have my family around. It has almost been a week without them. I have roamed around the charming streets of Amsterdam and Utrecht. This led to me realising that Dutch people are really nice and willing to help you get around.

Amsterdam Centraal was beautiful. In a sense that it maintained its rustic look while being a tourist hotspot. I took a bus ride from Centraal and literally made almost one round. You could see almost everything, from the unique architecture to the canals to the people.

I left Amsterdam Science Park to get to Utrecht Centraal where I took a bus to de Kromme Rijn to find my home for the next 3 years. After 9 months of waiting, I found my university — UC Utrecht. Upon arrival, I got to meet my unit mates and they were amazing people!

I explored the town as well. It was a quaint town, but it was beautiful. There was an ice cream parlour and I had blood orange ice cream on a cone. Amazing. Wilhelminapark was also a walk away and with the sky getting darker, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Utrecht still has a lot in store and I am excited to explore them."

F I N D   M E R V Y N   A T 
T H E   M E R V Y N   M O N O L O G U E S

I hope I will visit Mervyn soon. He lauds Netherlands' rustic aesthetics, so unlike Brunei's greenery. A beautiful place I am happy my friends will be able to explore. He promises he will consistently update me on his endeavours. Either through group chats or his own blog. I hope he keeps that promise.

If you want to read more of his work, you can find him at The Mervyn Monologues!

Have you ever been to the Netherlands?