Life | Five Things in July 07

Thursday, 4 August 2016

O H   J U L Y . . .

What a malignant being you are. Aren't you?

My thoughts huddled together in a tight cage while my body runs through motions. July sings sweet songs I couldn't bear to hear. Bitter beats to spit for no reason but dislike. July was good to me, but not for me. Yet I still try to make sense of it.

Here is my Five Things in July...

S E L A MA T   H A R I   R A Y A

So it was Eid Al' Fitri this month. Hence my unexpected break from the blogosphere.

I spent the month visiting houses, eating cakes and having conversations. Activities I rarely do, unless my mother dragged me. Nevertheless, I still love Eid for those things alone. Being able to be with family and friends, on days which everything is so festive. It feels so happy.

U N I VE R S I T Y   P R E P

In addition to Eid, I was also bombarded with university preparation.

Visas, paperwork, and briefings galore. Going off to study in UK requires more work than to study local. I should have prepared myself for all the preparations I was suppose to prepare for. But I am unfortunate. For I am lazy and willing to do everything last minute.

Z A H A R A   W A R R I O R

I'm officially a Zahara Warrior!

Zahara Cosmetics is brand for Muslim Women, featuring halal cosmetics. They feature Muslim women every week as a 'Zahara Warrior' and I was featured as one of them. I am so honoured to be considered among such wonderful women. You can check out the interview here!

B A D   P E P   T A L K

I am told I am not a great motivator. By close friends, teachers and parents. They'd rather have my mouth stuffed with socks than have me speak words of encouragement. And yet, in July I did. 

My old History teacher invited me and friends to the secondary school. She wanted us to give a pep talk about how we achieved our A* in O Level History, and what we were doing now. I tried to keep mine short and answer questions as need be. The most important question asked was 'Where did you get your lashes?'

N E W   S C H E D U L E

I feel like I switch up my schedule every few months. Depending on how busy I am then. Which has been very busy now.

HEY BASH will now post Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday being regular ol' beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. While Saturday is an accompanying post to the latest video. Which I post every Saturday on Youtube. I've written variations of this post three times already.

I don't know you, July.

Though I don't think I ever did. You passed through me as thin as air. Still, I feel your effects that leaves me hollow with gold. July, I am glad you are gone and I cannot wait for August. After all, I am turning nineteen.

How was your July?