5 Sites Every Blogger Should Use

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Bash Harry shows you 5 websites every blogger should use to improve your blog!
B L O G G I N G   I S   H A R D .

I should know. I am a blogger. And most likely, you.

Since you're reading this. Whether curiosity, or information or just a leisurely reading. Blogging can get difficult during difficult times. There are much more important things to focus on than long-winded posts or keeping in touch with other blogs. So to ease me through, I found a few sites that help me through these times.

Here are five sites I use for blogging!

Bash Harry shows you 5 websites every blogger should use to improve your blog!

   0 1   |   H O O T S U I T E

I don't have the time to tweet everyday. Much less a promotional tweet everyday.

Hence why I use Hootsuite. This is a scheduling platform for social media. Though I only use it for Twitter. I schedule promotional tweets hours or days or weeks in advance, as a way to keep ahead of tweets. A great alternative is Buffer, which does the same thing. I find it to be more intermediate than necessary.

   0 2   |   B I T . L Y

Shortening URLs made so damn easy.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may notice I use Bit.ly often. This is a link management platform. It shortens URLs, customise the link, and keeps track of them. So I can see how many people clicked and where they clicked from. I use it for all my posts to promote and to track. Sounds more sinister than it actually is.

   0 3   |   G O O G L E   K E E P

Kind of like Evernote, except from our future overlords.

More than anything else, it's an app of convenience. Google Keep is my go-to app when taking notes, making memos or set reminders. It's a downloadable app on your phone and PC. So your work is always connected. I use GoogleKeep to draft posts when going out, keeping an online notebook with me.

   0 4   |   H E M I N G W A Y A P P   E D I T O R

One of the first sites I've ever used, and will continue to use.

Hemingway Editor helps make writing more bold and clear. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's straightforward writing, it's an easy site to ensure active writing. I always copy and paste my writing here. Checking if sentences aren't too long or there are too many use of passive voice.

   0 5   |   B L O G L O V I N '

Last but not least at all.

Every blogger should use Bloglovin' because it's a blogging subscription feed for bloggers by bloggers. Where all the blogs congregate into one site for easy reading. Just sign in and start following blogs like HEY BASH.  Which you can do by clicking the little black box below my sign-off, or on the side bar below my face.

Bash Harry shows you 5 websites every blogger should use to improve your blog!

If these were helpful, then follow me on Bloglovin' for more.

If you're still curious, I also wrote 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Blog. Though more personal and reflective than this one. Blogging is a great platform for everyone to use. You just need to organise it well. And hopefully, these websites will help.

And those are just the basics.

So what sites should every blogger use?