OOTD | Three Days of Eid 2016

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I   L I K E   R A Y A 

Even if I am getting older.

More cynical and livid. Eid is something I look forward to every year. A constant good in my life. This year is no different, just 'prettier,' I like to comment. Dolling up, looking better every year. Last year, I featured my Three Days of Eid 2015.

Here are Three Outfits of Eid!

S H A W L   :   Asha Karim   |   D R E S S   :   Fasma Jaya Butik
J E W E L R Y   :   (Mom's)   |   W A T C H   :   Toy Watch
S H O E S   :   Charles & Keith

Day One is always the craziest, with the festive air palpable in thick scents of florals and musk. Fitting for this dress.

My mother designed this dress, bringing it to Fasma Jaya Butik to have it tailored. A dark forest green peplum accentuated my waist. Adding the nude shawl with sequins added fun to the look. But my favourite part about this day, was the makeup.

I paired Halo Eyes with a Nude Lip, with details up on Instagram. Perhaps it's just my need to be more experimental with my makeup. Something intriguing without going over-the-top.

S H A W L   :   Asha Karim   |   D R E S S   :   Michael Ong
J E W E L R Y   :   (Mom's)   |   W A T C H   :   Toy Watch
S H O E S   :   Charles & Keith

For Day Two, my mother found this Michael Ong Dress. Perhaps my favourite dress received this Eid.

Decked in laces and pinks, an embodiment of everything I should despise yet love. The cascading lace sleeves and torso design is beautiful, getting compliments from aunts. My only concern was the long skirt. Which is a fault of my own shortcomings. We matched it with my Asha Karim shawl I've featured before. Looking wonderful with its own floral detailing.

Maybe I should start wearing more pinks. My mom would like it.

S H A W L   :   Asha Karim   |   D R E S S   :   Fasma Jaya Butik
J E W E L R Y   :   (Mom's)   |   W A T C H   :   Toy Watch
S H O E S   :   Summit

By comparison, Day Three was quiet. Visiting only three houses instead of the usual five/eight. Hence why I wore a simple dress for a simple day.

A traditional Baju Kurung but fabric worthwhile. My mother proudly exclaims its Italian Silk, soft but still stiff. I couldn't care less. She sowed the laces and embroidered the beads. Providing an unique mother's touch to this dress.

The dress reaffirms why I love blue so much. It is the calm against such hectic days.

And that was my Eid.

Even if you don't celebrate Eid, I hope you had a wonderful week. Of friends, family and food. Though now, after a long week of work and going out, I'd much love to relax and sleep. 

How was your week?