Youtube | No Thumbs Makeup Challenge ft. Anisah Alkaff

Saturday, 30 July 2016

T H I R D   T I M E ' S   A   C H A R M ,   R I G H T ?

My third Youtube challenge of the year.

The first challenge, blindfolded makeup, made me laugh. The second challenge, letting my cousin do my makeup, made me shriek. While this third challenge made me excited. How else should I feel when Brunei's top makeup artist does my makeup? Albeit with no thumbs.

So how did it go?

Anisah Alkaff (@yourlastjuicebox) came over to the studio, ready for the challenge. We taped her thumbs together and gave her a 15 minute time limit. She laughs nervously about how terrible she would be. But compared to the monstrosity Faiz created, she was a dream. 


She managed to create a better-than-expected look within 15 minutes without thumbs. Better than what Faiz could do in over an hour with opposable body parts. 

This might be my favourite challenge. Solely because someone ends up looking somewhat decent.

Thank you so much to Anisah for being an absolute joy to collaborate with! She is an exceptional makeup artist who does much more beautiful bridal looks on Instagram. And thanks so much to E'fekt Media House for producing this video.

So would you do the No Thumbs Makeup Challenge?