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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Bash Harry Bruneian Beauty Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
J U N E   W A S   E X H A U S T I N G .

To put it bluntly. 

Scurrying to events and dinners and meetings. Taking shorter sleeps and less time online. It is both a pleasure and a pain. As much as I enjoy these occasions, I enjoy my bed more. June's lazy days evolved into frantic nights. Not necessarily bad, just an unusual good.

So here are my Five Things in June...
Bash Harry Bruneian Beauty Fashion & Lifestyle BloggerBash Harry Bruneian Beauty Fashion & Lifestyle BloggerBash Harry Bruneian Beauty Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

W E R K ,   W E R K ,   W E R K ,   W E R K ,   W E R K 

Never has this unitelligible song applied to me until now.

Though the first half of June began slow, it quickly picked up steamed by the second. Meetings, dinners and work everyday. Whether as a model or blogger or makeup artist. And though I am happy for all the days spent earning, I'm still stressed. Wearing makeup everyday and sleeping less is not well for my skin. I can feel the breakouts coming along.

M O D E L - I S H

One of my main jobs was modelling.

Much more work than many realise. Acting as Titi Athirah's Makeup Muse and Haus of Jimmy R's Antithesis Model was calm compared to modelling for Aidijuma. Exciting as it was exhausting. I climbed on rocks in long skirts and sang lyrics I didn't know. Physically demanding but so much fun.

F O O D ,   G L O R I O U S   F O O D

"Eat all the food. And some more."

An unspoken rule of Ramadan in Brunei.

Bellies filled from food stalls, ranging from Malay staples like Nasi Katok to Italian Cuisine like Carbonara. Which disinterests me, a picky eater. That said, my palate expanded this year. Thanks to attending multiple dinners like the Volkswagen Pop-Up Dinner hosted by The Collective Art.

S W E E T H E A R T S   &   S W E E T E R   F R I E N D S

I am lucky to have wonderful friends, all around the world. And when I get it to see them after so long, it's such a joy.

Seeing friends after months, some years, hold them close and refuse to let go. That's what I did. Clutching my friends, attached to the hip. Whether childhood friends I haven't seen in eight years or best friends gone for two years. All I wanted to do is chat, catch up and wish them luck.

E I D   P R E P

Eid is in less than a week. I am not ready.

Cleaning the house, setting down the sweets and buying last-minute essentials. Eid's hustling ardor breezes through us. It's incredible how the final days of Ramadan feels hectic as it is peaceful. Finalising dresses and enhancing every single detail. It's both wonderful and exhausting. 

The knowledge Eid Mubarak is just around the corner does not excite me as much anymore. I view it as a countdown for a break that may not happen. At least I will eat again.

June was a fine month, of empty stomachs but still moving fit. A good end to the first half of the year. 

How was your June?