Youtube | Five Looks for Eid : Outtakes

Sunday, 17 July 2016

P U T   F I V E   G I R L S   I N   A   R O O M

And proceed to fail at professionalism.

The Five Looks For Eid, a highlight of how professional as I could be, ultimately left a lot snipped out. The awkward laughter, long pauses and my inability to hold a brush properly. Yes, there were many scenes cut for the better. Then proceeded to edit together into one pathetic video.

Here is the Blooper Reel!

I didn't realize there is so much footage being an complete klutz. Though not surprising. Considering I am a complete klutz. My expressive features and overuse of Okay only emphasize my clumsy nature. As such, I really need to stop using 'Okay.'

Okay? Okay.

This video should be retitled to 'Bash Contorts Her Face Too Much' or 'Bash Cannot Say Words Right.' Because Bash does not know what to do with her expressions. Because she is a fool on her own foolish terms.


Once again, thanks so much to E'fekt Media House for helping me produce these videos! And many thanks to my friends for being models. They're so cool.