10 Gratitudes Everyday

Friday, 15 July 2016

I   C O U N T   M Y   B L E S S I N G S

I count them everyday. 

As a reminder I am lucky. I am important. I am stable. I tell myself everyday in attempt to lucky, and important and stable. I need to know what I am grateful for. The gratitudes I have and wish to keep. So here 10 gratitudes from every day life.

I'm grateful for...

0 1   |   Waking up. Whether from nightmares or dreams. Knowing I am awake and breathing reminds me I am alive.

0 2   |   Well-brewed morning coffee. Bitter beans smoothed by skim milk. I drink coffee to accustom myself. The day is war then coffee is armour.

0 3   |   Good books with fading yellow parchment to turn. Reading a potential favourite in the morning, retreating to fictional lives than to have my own.

0 4   |   Days where I have slow morning routines. Taking long showers and longer time to apply makeup. Clothes set the day before. Preparation for the day to come.

0 5   |   WiFi. Because WiFi. Who isn't grateful for internet?

0 6   |   Having meetings, no matter how insignificant they may be. It is luck I am able to be busy during a period I shouldn't be. To work and working with what I have is always a pleasure.

0 7   |   the Afternoon Drives with best friends. An absolute delight, a highlight of the day. Riding passenger seat beside the kind, the witty and the funny. We discuss life together, in all its sadistic mysteries.

0 8   |   Long hugs and kisses. Quick goodbyes. Small smiles. The three words; 'I love you.'

0 9   |   TV Shows to wind down my night. As sit on the couch and knit a pair of socks for my nieces and nephews. I watch shows to make me laugh or cry, still a reality I want to consume.

1 0   |   Finally a long sleep. When the clock strikes midnight, or one, or three. I can press my head against the bed. And try to sleep. Hoping to never wake up and wake up. Repeating the day all over again.

I don't leave an exciting life. So excitement comes from the little pockets of happiness I find. Which I know I am lucky to have. I enjoy my life for what it is, even if it is hectic. Even if it is tiring. Even if I am ungrateful. 

So try to be grateful, as I don't know if I can be.

What are you grateful for?