Five Beauty YouTube Channels to Follow

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bash Harry from Hey Bash picks out five favourite Youtubers to follow
S O   M A N Y   V I D E O S . . .

So little time to watch.

There are so many beauty bloggers in the world. I should know, I am one. 

YouTube is filled with them, each looking different and similar at once. And though, I don't watch many, I do have my favourites. Those who have a voice among mummers. Who I keep visiting because of their skills and value. There are many but I narrowed it down to five.

Here are just a few Beauty YouTube Channels You Should Follow!

L I S A   E L D R I D G E
Lisa Eldridge

As the Creative Director of Lancome, LISA ELDRIDGE is a makeup goddess among mortals.

A celebrity makeup artist to name a few, she doesn't need to be on Youtube. And yet she is. Always calm and sophisticated, her videos are always educational. Teaching you the easiest way to get a celebrity face whilst still looking natural. She recently released her first book; Face Paint: The Story of Makeup which I will need to get soon.

My personal favourite video is the Universally Chic Makeup Look. A beautiful, everyday look that I wear most often. Lisa highlights the saying 'Less is More.' And she makes it so much more.

S T E P H A N I E   N I C O L E
Stephanie Nicole

A relatively recent find but perhaps the best.

Amongst an endless array of false reviews, STEPHANIE NICOLE is a diamond. Unapologetically honest and opinionated, she is one of the few people I trust for reviews. Her background in beauty manufacturing shows through her videos. So she provides detailed information about every product reviewed.

My favourite video I watched was her Jeffree Star Review. She sums up why I don't support Jeffree and his brand, with thoughtful opinions and strong evidence. She discusses brands and their controversy, no matter how (in)famous they are.

A L I S S A   A S H L E Y
Alissa Ashley

ALISSA ASHLEY, also known as Glow Momma, is a ball of sunshine.

Full of surprising looks, Alissa incorporates bright shadows and neutral hues to make them wearable. In addition, her videos are so professional in its editing and entertainment value. Which makes her a must-watch. She feels like a best friend, who can teach me all her ways.

Her Do's & Don'ts series is one of my favourites, with the Eyeshadows Do's & Don'ts being a prime example. Alissa uses visual cues to teach how to apply, blend and clean shadows through this creative video.
I R I S H C E L 5 0 7
IrisBeilin Irishcel507

Funniest and Fun-nest Beauty YouTube goes to... IRIS BEILIN

From her first impressions to tutorials, Iris is such a fun to watch. Her humour and sweet nature comes through her videos. She makes me laugh and her gorgeous smile is infectious. It's great to see a Beauty Youtuber with such humour and talent. Seriously, her blending game is on point. 

This Complete Beat Down is proof of her skills. How easily she can transform herself with makeup always leaves me in awe. 

J O R D A N   L I B E R T Y
Jordan Liberty

JORDAN LIBERTY of Give Good Face knows exactly what he's doing.

His videos are feel like professional photo shoots than a tutorial. Going behind the scenes to show us how it's done. Straight to the point and concise, he gives informative tutorials on how to give a good face without going overboard.

Jordan's thoughts on Instagram Makeup in this video still makes me laugh. While watching all these trends unfold on Instagram is fun, most of the time it is unnecessary. Here he shows you what happens in real life.

Bash Harry from Hey Bash picks out five favourite Youtubers to follow

These are my personal favourite YouTubers. Each bringing their own unique spin in this increasingly crowded space. Whether through their personality or application, they stand out in my eyes. Bringing different kinds of diversity in this community.

I consistently watch them and my favourite SFX ladies on Youtube. Even if I do have my own YouTube Channel to focus. 

So who are your favourite Beauty Youtubers?