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Monday, 27 June 2016

OOTD | Envy in the Eyes

Bash Harry Bruneian Blogger wearing Azreenville and Ummi Najji from Damage Signatures
I   R A R E LY   D R E S S   I N   G R E E N

It was never my colour, but it suits you well.

Your emerald skin glistening when we meet. I see your false smile and respond with my own. We hold our grudges in our handshakes. We do not resent. We do not hate. We do not brawl. Yet I see the venom dripping down your lips. Words biting but always failing. 

You are not my rival. You are an annoyance.

Green looks good on you. Matches the envy in your eyes.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Five Beauty YouTube Channels to Follow

Bash Harry from Hey Bash picks out five favourite Youtubers to follow
S O   M A N Y   V I D E O S . . .

So little time to watch.

There are so many beauty bloggers in the world. I should know, I am one. 

YouTube is filled with them, each looking different and similar at once. And though, I don't watch many, I do have my favourites. Those who have a voice among mummers. Who I keep visiting because of their skills and value. There are many but I narrowed it down to five.

Here are just a few Beauty YouTube Channels You Should Follow!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Youtube | My Cousin Does My Makeup

I   W O N ' T   B E   D O I N G   T H I S   A G A I N .


This is my cousin, Faiz. Bored one day, lounging in his room. I asked him, 'Do you want to do my makeup?' to which he grinned and I immediately regretted my words. But as a girl who holds her words, we filmed My Cousin Does My Makeup.

And he failed miserably.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

OOTD | I am Happy

Bash Harry Bruneian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger hijabi
H A P P I N E S S   I S . . . 

Watching you sleep. Your breath short and staggered from nightmares where I can't save you. Yet I still watch you. Wishing I could fight the demons alongside you. Instead, I brush through your madcap locks and wait for your return.

You see me in your dreams. Young in a field of flowers, the meadow reaching our chests. I stand beside you as a friend, paramour and rival. But in that moment, everything falls. What is left is us, and our desire for nirvana. So close within our reach.

Then you woke up.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Happy Ramadhan 2016

H A P P Y   R A M A D H A N .

Through and through, I am a Muslim. Not a perfect one, but one nonetheless. 

I don't discuss religion because I don't want to. My religion does not affect my writing nor does my writing affect my religion. Both are private affairs I don't intend to ever bring up. It's unnecessary. However, I feel Ramadan is different. A rare instance I will write about it because Ramadan is what it is. 

A change.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Youtube | Creating a Cut Crease

B E   A   C U T   C R E A S E   I N   A   W O R L D
F U L L   O F   S M O K E Y   E Y E S

Whatever that means.

Cut creases run rampant in beauty communities. The epitome of strong eyes; bold and beautiful and found on multiple Instagram pages. With the suggestion of my cousins, I decided to do one myself. Wearing a strong cut crease with a bold lip.

So how did it go?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Keeping a KeepCup : For The Eco-Friendly Coffee Addict

L E T S   M E E T   U P   F  O R   C O F F E E

A universal phrase to mean 'we'll say we will go to that new cafe together but never will.'

Bruneians have a mutual love for appetizing food and obsession with new endeavors. Not a criticism, just an observation. I notice whilst typing away at the fifth cafe-restaurant hybrid to open this year. 

The new cafe filled with young adults, happy to discuss life over steaming plates. This is just one place out of many, people seem to visit. No longer is there just Coffee Bean or Starbucks. Brunei, as Brunei sees fit, make their own culture. It is the new Cafe Culture. Aptly titled.

Now chains of ever-growing and ever-popular places pop up to serve. But with that, continues the rise of pollution. Note the non-biodegradable plastics and foam littering the streets. Hence why I started using KeepCup*

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