Youtube | Short Stuff 04 : Why I Wear Makeup

Friday, 27 May 2016

W H Y   D O   Y O U   W E A R   S O   M U C H   M A K E U P ?

A question posed often. 

Usually out of curiosity than malevolence. I answer jokingly with a half-hearted smile and benign laughter. 'People scream when they see me bare-faced,' or 'One thing leads to another and nothing ever stops.'

A person's descent into makeup madness begins slowly. Just a concealer and mascara before exploding into puffs of powdering smoke and smokey eyes. I decided to tell my beginnings through visual-audio form.


Insecurities played a huge role.

I didn't spend my childhood stealing my mother's MAC lipsticks. I spent it reading Sun Tzu's Art of War, recommended by my father. Sneering at my sister and cousins, much more feminine than I ever was (and will be), who did enjoy makeup.

Until puberty struck. Grovelling self-esteem compelled me to purchase my first concealer. Thus begins the madness.

Excuse my end-of-the day face, and bare face. Terrifying, I know. 

This won't be the only time I will remove my makeup in front of a camera. Much to the horror of my mother. Hopefully, I will film a Skincare Routine or How I Remove My Makeup soon. Soon used loosely. 

Why do you wear makeup?