Events | TudungPeople Hi-Tea Party

Monday, 30 May 2016

' I   S H O U L D N ' T   B E   H E R E . '

I whispered to myself, stepping inside Greenhouse by Muir. A glass house flourishing in floral greens. My hand lifting the L'orient skirt, the other clutching my mother's arm. We climbed to the highest floor to the TudungPeople Hi-Tea Party.

"I shouldn't be here." I whispered to myself. But God knows, I wanted to be.

I was in Kuala Lumpur the past week for TudungPeople's Hi-Tea Party. My mother accompanying me, both shrouded in white. Sakura Blossoms covered the room from table dressings to the cards, giving off the slight scent of sweet floral. Fazrena greeted us at the exclusive preview, to reveal the Eid Limited Edition Collection 2016.

TudungPeople was founded by Fazrena and Fazly Aziz, a brother-sister duo. Their aim to make women feel beautiful, regardless of standards is heartwarming. This reflects the creation of these shawls. 

The shawls shown were inspired by Sakura flowers from Japan. They bloomed only a week in the entire year, making its beauty exclusive. They were two collections released; The Sakura Collection and The Peony Collection. Though I'm not a fan of florals, the collection swayed me. Eyes lighting up at its watercolour-esque designs. 

I wished I had taken more photos but I was too caught up in the people I met. 

I was the youngest there. An eighteen year old child amidst renowned influencers. International models brought their best friends, who were also international models. Fashion designers brought their husbands, who were fashion photographers. I brought my mom, who is my mom.

As if I would bring anyone else.

Ajeeratul, and Izzy Osman of Jeera Does Fashion was also there, representing Brunei for the event. She is a wonderful fashion blogger, who recently did a post on the same event.. I also met some amazing Malaysian influencers from designers like Zafirah Hanis and Fuzana Mokhtaza to Instagrammers like DyanaJay and Fathie.

It is empowering to see such strength in this wonderful women. Women who aren't afraid to be women, and to use their femininity to create business and names for themselves. I'm always in awe of them, and continuously ask myself. Why am I here?

Thank you so much TudungPeople for inviting me to this exclusive event. Representing Brunei to showcase your limited edition shawls.

The Sakura Collection are ready to pre-order now at their website for MYR168 (B$56), and will run throughout Ramadan and Eid. While the Peony Collection will be released after Eid. TudungPeople will also sell these shawls, and so many more at KL International Hijab Fair from 2 - 5 June 2016.

Buy these limited edition shawls while their in stock. Else I might just buy them all myself.

Shawl Images Courtesy of Ajeeratul