OOTD | Basic Monday

Monday, 23 May 2016

I F   I   W A S   A   D A Y ,
I   W O U L D   B E   M O N D A Y .

No one enjoys Monday, much preferring Sunday's sweet laughs or Friday's wild temper. Monday begins her slow start with a third coffee. Monday is never a favourite, but that was never her purpose.

A reckless recluse struggling through. Eyes squinting beneath sunglasses from the scorching sun. It heats her morning cup. Tight grip in hand and tumbles through life. Monday wakes up grumpy and sleepy but carries on to move forward. For the rest of your days to feel joy, she will consume the woe.

Monday begins with you and stays with you to remind you. The problems you must stride through and perils you hide from. Monday prepares and helps in her own ways.

You'll leave Monday for better days, but Monday still remains. Always there for you. 

S H A W L : Lyys' Closet   |   S U N G L A S S E S : Vintage   
S H I R T : The Letterbox Co   |   J A C K E T : SODA Exchange   |   J E A N S : Uniqlo
S H O E S : Prada   |   B A G : Louis Vuitton

I promised my sister I would only where this Letterbox Co Shirt on a Monday.

My primary schoolteacher once told me to treat the days equally, never preferring one over the other. Weekdays and weekends should be regarded as just days of a week. And in my young mind, I personified them. My imagination rampant to view days different but equal. Tuesdays, a quiet friend in cardigans, or Saturday who smiles constantly in sweatpants.

Monday looks like this. A lady in a T-Shirt and her favourite Denim Jeans, what she'd prefer to wear. Pairing it with a Grey Blazer and Nude Heels to look more professional. Monday tries to get her life together, as the haggard older sister of a crazy week.

I like Monday. Monday is Me.

How do you start your week?