Life | Five Things in May

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

 W H A T   A   W O N D E R F U L   M O N T H .

Full of wonder that is.

Unlike it's predecessor, wonderful for all the public achievements, May was quiet. Its wonder hidden beneath the little successes and sweet bliss. I rarely did anything social or blog-worthy, so aptly called. Instead of shoots, I slept. Instead of catching colleagues, I met old friends. Instead of taking photos, I stayed in the present. May was not exciting.

Boy, did I love it.

Here are my Five Things...

0 1 .   I N   K U A L A   L U M P U R ,   M A LA Y S I A . . . A G A I N

As of writing this, I am in Kuala Lumpur for the second time this year.

It's a bleisure trip, a diabolical mix of business and leisure. A quick trip before returning to Brunei for another busy week. While I won't go into too much detail yet, I hope to film footage this time. In my last trip, I left my camera charger thus left with limited time. Now, I hope to last until Friday

0 2 .   H A P P Y   8 3 ,   N I N I !

My grandfather just turned 83 years old this past month so Happy Birthday Nini Boy!

Ever since I was young, I heard snippets of his life story. How he left Malaysia for Brunei. How he met my grandmother during World War II. How he apparently played music with P. Ramlee. He begins the family history. Malaysian-born, fluent in Japanese and genius composer. Happy Birthday to my favourite grandfather.

0 3 .   H A M I L T O N

I've never been this excited for a musical since Wicked. And I'm a musical fanatic.

It was in late April I finally listened to this Hip-Hop/R&B Musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Who would have thought a musical about an American Founding Father would have such an effect on me? Its beats pounding and lyrics confounding. Songs like Wait For It just exude this beauty I've never heard before.

0 4 .   H O L D   T H E   D O O R

I dare say, Game of Thrones is getting better than the books.

And these past few episodes have reaffirmed it. By shattering my heart into million pieces I cannot pick up. Those three words brought tears to my eyes. And it's only the fifth episode.

0 5 .   D I R T Y   S A N D N *G G E R

As a blogger who puts herself up online, name-calling is expected. Most I ignore, others I take as constructive criticism and some I find ridiculous. Calling me a dirty sandn*gger being ridiculous.

I posted a photo on my tumblr, focusing on my makeup and its caption highlighting the lipstick. A right-wing troll decided to remove the caption and add his own. Referring to me as a 'jihadist' who probably 'suicide-bombed a building.'  His post is up on my Twitter here, where I screenshot it. I do not want to give him the pleasure of a response.

Though I can laugh at the obvious trolling, an effort to degrade Muslims and perhaps even right-wing Trump supporters. It still reinforces the harmful stereotype of Muslims, as murderous terrorists instead of portraying we are. A diverse group with unique backgrounds who are not terrorists.

May was not as exciting as April, but I am grateful for that.

I didn't need a work-filled month, meetings and events galore. Instead, I remained with friends. Driving around, talking about everything but work. It was a wonderful month for my personal life, subdued and simple as I like it.

How was your May?