My First Q & A : Leave Your Questions Here!

Monday, 16 May 2016

I   J U S T   M I G H T   R E G R E T   T H I S

But I'm hoping I won't.

I ran a Twitter poll a few days ago, asking what kind of Youtube video should I film. At any given moment, I would often ask on Twitter for ideas. As my mind is a figurative blank hole, I look to the internet for inspiration. When the poll ended, the results were clear and I sighed in defeat.

For now, I must film My First Q&A. Darn it. 

S O   A S K   M E   A N Y T H I N G

I'm trying not to sound disappointed in the results. After all, I did say I would do a Q&A in the last Five Things. Though after my discussion on being personal online a few weeks ago, this may come off hypocritical. Actively looking for personal questions to answer honestly. Oh well.

So leave your questions here! Ask about my thoughts and opinions. Random facts or deep insightful analysis on my psyche. What's my favourite colour? Who is your partner-in-crime? Why are you doing this to yourself, you masochist?

If you don't want to ask me a question in the comments, you can leave them on my Twitter (@heybash) and Instagram (@bashharry) as well!

So what questions would you like answered?