13 Tips For Better Studying

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

13 Tips For Better Studying by Hey Bash

I   W A S N ' T   A   G R E A T   S TU D E N T .

But I wasn't terrible either.

I remained in the middle. When doing homework, I would present some on time, some three days later and some never at all. In class, I would rally a discussion, sit quietly or sleep. During Personal Study, I would revise, read or go home. In all, I was a decent A Levels student with decent grades and a decent social life.

Now my sister is preparing for her AS Levels, frazzled and nervous for the upcoming exams, I assured her it was going to be fine. So long as she studies. And before I told her, I thought I could write it down here instead.

Here are some helpful tips for studying!

13 Tips For Better Studying by Hey Bash

0 1   |   Figure out your time frame. At what time do you study best? Early mornings or late nights? When you study is as important as how you study.

0 2   |   Speaking of how you study, cue cards and A4 papers are your friends. Summarising a chapter into a mind map takes only an hour but worth a whole topic.

0 3   |   Sharing is caring. Don't be afraid to ask for notes from friends, or even old students. Seriously,  we don't want these notes anymore.

0 4   |   Ask for help. From teachers for grading or classmates for topics. They don't even have to be from the same class. Everyone wants to see you succeed.

0 5   |   Study groups are great! ...when needed. Don't rely too heavily on other people when it's not necessary.

0 6   |   Find study mates, different from study groups. Study mates are people you study with, but not about the same subject. Having the company but focused on different subjects.

0 7   |   Take frequent naps. It's okay to sleep in the afternoon, so long as it's not in class.

0 8   |   Make a study playlist. BUT make it white noise music. Think Instrumental Piano than Disco Dance. 

0 9   |   Prioritise your subjects. We hate to admit it, but we love some subjects more than others. But don't neglect your other subjects.

1 0   |   Take a break between studying. You don't want to crack your brain under pressure. Take a day to relax during a school week. Take thirty minute breaks during exam week.

1 1   |   Paper beats tech. Have physical copies of work then soft copies. Write your work in notebooks, if you can.

1 2   |   Reward yourself for little deeds. Finished your homework on time? Spend the extra dollar on chocolate!

1 3   |   Have fun. Genuinely. Enjoy what you're doing by doing what you enjoy.

13 Tips For Better Studying by Hey Bash

Now, if only I followed these tips...

I was either going to provide 13 short but concise tips or 5 long but thoughtful explanations. Twitter helped me decide which to post.

For anyone taking their exams this month, I wish you all the best. Be it for O Levels, A Levels or University. It is a whirlwind, spent studying and stressing. School isn't for everyone. Just do you, and hope you do good.

Do you have any study tips?