M Y   O N L Y   S U N S H I N E 

When I got my ukulele in February, many asked I should play some music on my Youtube Channel. I laugh at the ludicrous thought. As friends, parents and strangers will tell you, I'm not a singer. With a Disney Princess voice that can't stay in tune and a limited vocal range. I stick to lullabies often. 

That didn't stop me from sitting in front of my camera and filming a cover of You Are My Sunshine. 


I regret removing my false eyelashes, my eyes look bare without them. 

Please note. I am not a great singer nor am I a great ukulele player. Barely passable at best. However, I have been playing You Are My Sunshine often. One of my favourite songs since childhood.  Its soft strings soothe me when I drive around my small home. 

You Are My Sunshine is special in its simplicity. It is not complex nor does it try to be. And that's okay. 

So it wasn't an actual cover.

Another segment to my Short Stuff series where I recount the past month's days in under two minutes. If February posed the question of comparing coolness, then March was finding happiness in dark days. 

Hence why You Are My Sunshine felt fitting.

What's your all-time favourite song?