Youtube | Short Stuff 03 : Why I Knit

Thursday, 28 April 2016 Brunei

D I D   Y O U   K N O W   I   K N I T ?

As if I couldn’t be more old in the eyes of the youth.

Knitting is awesome. I say as a 83-year old trapped in a 18 year old body. As I drink my sweet strawberry tea in a knitted cardigan. While I don't know anyone under fifty who knits, I know everyone has at least a hobby. Knitting is mine.

And what better way to express my love, than through video? 

I used Teresa Fox's Little Hearts pattern to make this heart.

My favourite project to knit when needles compel me. It's simple and easy, hence why I made over a dozen in the year I found the pattern. The dozen made for birthday presents, pin cushions and plushies for kids.

Knitting, stuffing and sewing the heart together takes only an hour. And though it is a quick knit, compressing the footage into two short minutes is a different story. Fast forwarding and splicing clips while hoping it is comprehensible. 

S U B S C R I B E   T O   B A S H   H A R R Y

A Short Stuff segment different from the last two. 

Instead of a series of random clips of trees and my monotone face, it's a runthrough of how I knit. Some of my friends are impressed when I knit in front of them. Other friends wonder how I can find knitting relaxing. Perhaps this video can provide some answers.

What's your favourite hobby?